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Train schedule Chornoliska by:

Arrival time: 03:23
Departure time: 03:25
train stop: 00:02
Arrival time: 06:13
Departure time: 06:15
train stop: 00:02
Arrival time: 18:20
Departure time: 18:22
train stop: 00:02

According to official data of Ukrzaliznytsia, for today, the train schedule for the railway station Chornoliska contains information about 3 trains. The train schedule informs that the very first train from the station Chornoliska is heading off at 03:25 along the route Kyiv Mykolayv Pas, and the last train Kherson Lviv that arrives at the station Chornoliska at 18:20.

A lot of railway routes of Ukraine pass through railway station Chornoliska. The train timetable for the temporary stop at the station Chornoliska will help determine the parking time of the railway transport in each separate direction. The shortest interval for boarding a train is the passenger train , cruising along the route Kherson Lviv and its duration is 00:02.

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