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Wednesday 27 of Oct 2021
Thursday 28 of Oct 2021
time on route: 17:02

According to official data of Ukrzaliznytsia, at the moment, the train schedule Kyiv - Izmayil contains information about 1 trains. The train schedule informs that the earliest time of departure of the train from the Kyiv is 17:42, and the nearest time of arrival to the station Izmayil is 10:44.

If necessary, quickly overcome the route Kyiv Izmayil , the train schedule will help determine the fastest train - 145К, which will pass the distance for only 17:02.

In case if the intermediate stations on the train Kyiv - Izmayil are not the key goal of the trip, the best solution will be to use the services of the train 145К, the maximum number of stops it will make is 24, which as a result reduce the waste of travel time.

To determine the most optimal variant of travel for you and your loved ones, before you make a purchase of travel documents, it is strongly recommended to study the train schedule for Kyiv Izmayil. Buy railway tickets in this direction without leaving the current page.

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Experienced traveler will always prepare a return ticket for the train in advance, and for this we recommend to know the train schedule Izmayil Kyiv.

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