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Train ticket price - what does it depend on?

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It is quite realistic to save on railway transport services if you are aware of the peculiarities of the formation of the price of train tickets. In some cases, the fare may be reduced or overestimated. Within this article, try to figure out what affects it.

The price of a train ticket is not a constant value, and there are a number of factors that can significantly affect the cost of rail services. This is due to the fact that a certain price regulation coefficient is applied to them, approved at the legislative level by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. These include:

time to departure (Intercity + train);
calendar period;
day of the week.

In addition, if you make the purchase of travel documents online, then it is important to know how the price of a train ticket is formed in order to understand what the nominal value consists of and due to which the competition of services on the Internet is realized. The main source of earnings of companies selling railway tickets is the markup for the provision of online services - the fee and it can vary significantly.

Comparison of commissions of online services on the cost of railway tickets in Ukraine

For visual comparison, a graph of the ratio of the amount of the commission to the price of train tickets was created. The study involved several major players in the Ukrainian market of services for the sale of travel documents. Prices are current at the time of writing.

As can be seen from the graph, depending on the nominal cost of a train ticket, the extra charge grows in accordance, but in some cases it looks very disproportionate. This suggests that the price of railway tickets is prohibitively high. It is important to understand that with an increase in the size of the mark-up - as a percentage of the prices, the commission of all online services decreases.

It is worth noting, increasingly, modern online payment tools are accompanied by the integration of innovative payment technologies designed to significantly improve the usability of electronic money transfers. Visa Checkout (used on Tickets.ua) and Masterpass (available on Travelbook.ua) stand out among the most effective. With their help, you can pay for tickets without having a bank card at hand - after logging in to your e-wallet, the system will pull up the list of your cards, while no additional fees will be charged from the user. On average, taking into account the fee, the lowest railway ticket prices are provided by the online service Travelbook.ua company. The leader of the ranking of the most expensive travel documents from the list presented was the project tutu.Travel Ukraine.

How does the price of a train ticket for Intercity + change depending on the time before departure?

If you catch up on time, it is quite possible to save 15% of the cost of tickets for the Intercity + train. From March 1, 2013, a special coefficient is applied to the prices of train tickets to first-class carriages, which works according to the principle - the closer the departure time, the more expensive the service.

You should not delay with the purchase of train tickets for Intercity + trains with departure up to 10 days, because, subsequently, an overpayment is provided.

In order to be able to save even more on travel, it is important to know that when you make a round-trip ticket, an additional discount is provided - 10% of the total price.

How much does a train ticket cost depending on the calendar period?

According to Decree No. 184 of April 20, 2018, adopted by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the price of a train ticket will be affected by certain fixed coefficients, which are applied during 13 calendar periods a year. The markup does not concern the full cost of railway tickets, but only the magnitude of the fare.

Based on the above table, the most favorable conditions for the purchase of railway tickets fall at the end of January (15% discount) and during the Victory Day holiday on May 9 (20% discount). The most expensive railway transportation services are provided during the New Year holidays at the end of December, when the prices for train tickets are overestimated by 10%

How do train ticket prices vary with the day of the week?

To choose the right day of departure of the train to save money also has a significant value. According to the Ukrzaliznytsia, the price of train tickets is adjusted on a daily basis using fixed settlement coefficients.

With regard to the cost of a ticket for the Intercity + train, different values apply.

We summarize:

In general, if when planning a trip, the budget is in dire need of savings, we recommend focusing on the calendar. Optimally selected period, day and time before the train departs will help to get the best prices for train tickets. Also, when purchasing travel documents via the Internet, you should take a responsible approach to the choice of service provider, as in some cases, the hidden commission may be unreasonably overstated, and the cost of train tickets go beyond the reasonable. We recommend to buy a train ticket on Travelbook.ua website - a reliable travel document dealer with the lowest commission in Ukraine.