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Traveling in Ukraine as an alternative to a trip to Europe

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The objective reality - the introduction of a visa-free regime in Ukraine is undoubtedly a positive moment, but have the trips to the EU countries really become accessible to most Ukrainians? On average, the cost of the Schengen visa is 30-35 euros, which can be a decent amount for a native citizen, in fact, within the European states, an extremely small figure. Against the backdrop of the average European's salaries, the prices for transfers, accommodation, meals, entertainment do not seem so decent and fit optimally into the cost of rest, which almost does not affect the quality of life. As for the Ukrainian tourist, even a budget of 1000 euros for a 7-day trip can be achieved through considerable work and a long "saving regime." At the same time, frankly speaking, such a reserve will not allow you to fully enjoy all the available delights of European recreation and create a conditional restrictive framework for what is permitted, which will not have a positive effect on the overall impression of the trip.

visa-free regime in Ukraine

According to the results of state statistics, by the end of 2017, about 15% of Ukrainian citizens took advantage of the visa-free regime, of which the overwhelming majority were people wishing to carry out labor migration. Naturally, this fact has a negative impact on the economy of the country, but it detaches from the main topic. To date, most Ukrainians are willing to sacrifice rest to suit the financial stability of their personal budget, as the cost of traveling to Europe goes against their capabilities.

A decent rest in Ukraine - a myth or reality?

Full refusal of rest adversely affects the physical and psychological state of a person - this is a well-known fact. In consequence, accompanied by a decline in work capacity, which creates a possible danger of reducing both the level of earnings, and health.

Many people, for some reason, underestimate the possibility of resting within the Ukrainian borders, arguing that this is not an acceptable quality of tourist services, a small variety of interesting travel routes, which, in addition, is accompanied by sky-high prices comparable in scale to a full trip to the countries of Turkey or Egypt, for example. The tour operator Etnotur in Ukraine breaks the established stereotypes and offers its clients affordable versions of tours, filled with a lot of unforgettable impressions. A wide range of various routes covers everything that the Ukrainian land boasts: mountain peaks, seashores, a lot of nature reserves, fabulous architectural structures of high cultural value, tourist bases and sanatoriums. Depending on individual preferences and affordable budget, company managers are really able to organize a quality trip and prove to everyone, a decent rest in Ukraine is more than reality!