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Top 5 most unusual railways in the world

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Mankind has long appreciated all the advantages of traveling by train. But sometimes the architectural plan surpasses all possible expectations.

We present to you the TOP-5 railway messages, which are carried daily by thousands of people, and even recently it seemed some kind of fantastic series.


1. A train passing through the top of a dam in Germany

In 1927, a railway service was launched between the island of Zult and the mainland of Germany. In order not to depend on tides, low tides, other weather conditions when using the waterway, it was decided to build a dam Hindenburgdamm, connecting the island and the mainland. The length of the dam is 11 km!

Every day along this road there are many trains carrying not only people, but also cars. In the absence of a road connecting two sushi, the railroad is the only way to quickly and safely transport your car.

2. A train passing through a residential building in China

In the south-west of China is the city-giant Chongqing with a population of more than 31 million people. It is no wonder that in conditions of such a population density, the harmonious development of infrastructure does not take the last place. The laying of the railway communication is a priority for the city, however, the townspeople face several obstacles. The city of Chongqing is surrounded on three sides by mountains, this creates difficulties for laying railroad tracks outside the city. Also, a huge number of residents creates the need for active housing construction. The lack of sufficient space pushes architects to search for original solutions.
So it was decided not to demolish a 19-storey building, but to make a tunnel and lay monorails through a residential building.

3. A train passing along a street in Vietnam

The large population of the city, the lack of control of illegal construction in the city of Hanoi led to the emergence of a dangerous segment of the railway. Often tourists come to this part of the city to stare, as plying trains pass a meter from the doors of citizens.

Local residents already know the train schedule perfectly and with the advent on the horizon the latter finish their cases and hide in houses.

4. The longest and deepest railway tunnel in the world

It took almost 20 years and 12 billion dollars to build the longest and deepest tunnel in the world with a railway track. Its length is 57 km, and in some places the height of the Alps over the tunnel is about 2300 m.

The opening of the tunnel took place 2 years ago in Switzerland. To date, the Gotthard Basin Tunnel connects the northern and southern parts of Europe.

5. The railway loop in Switzerland

In the south-eastern part of the country in the town of Brusio there is a viaduct or a railway loop with the same name. The opening of the viaduct took place in 1908.

Such a decision in the form of a loop was taken in order to avoid the construction of a tunnel, and it also decided how to make a smooth lift or descent of passing trains on a short stretch of the road. The height difference of the viaduct is about 20 meters. The length of the loop is about 350 meters. The width of the railway track in this section is only 1 m, instead of 1.435 m.