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Autumn ends, which means it's time to think about where to go for the New Year holidays. Those who are used to planning their leisure time in advance need to decide on ideas for the New Year and Christmas right now, because In this case, you have every chance to buy the necessary train ticket and save on early booking of accommodation. And if your imagination has not taken you to some uncharted corner of Ukraine, we suggest going on a short journey together and choosing what is closer soul


Nothing brings us closer together than shared emotions from a trip to the New Year and new experiences with loved ones. Having planned a vacation in Bukovel, Yaremche, Dragobrat, Slavsk or another city of the Carpathians, you can not only enjoy the snowy slopes, skiing and snowboarding, but also recharge your batteries for a whole year from the purest air and unusually beautiful nature. For everyone who loves and honors the Ukrainian tradition, it will be interesting to see and even participate in the folk Christmas celebrations.
If you chose this destination for winter recreation, then you should familiarize yourself with the schedule of trains passing through Ivano-Frankivsk. This is the nearest regional city from where you can already get to anywhere in the Carpathians.


Separately, I would like to mention Lviv, which has become a place of pilgrimage for many tourists. And the Ukrainians themselves often like to come to their beloved city, for a long time to walk along the old streets, each time finding new cozy yards and colorful establishments. No wonder Lviv is called "little Paris". However, the New Year holidays and Christmas make Lviv especially attractive to guests. It was at this time that the city is enveloped in a fabulous halo, a lot of illuminations create a special atmosphere, the Christmas fair takes place on Market Square and folk festivals.
Lviv is so bright and distinctive that, having decided once to spend the New Year holidays there, it can become a good family tradition.
The popularity of Lviv tourist destinations naturally leads to the immediate sale of train tickets. Therefore, we recommend for traveling on a new year to take care of buying train tickets to Lviv 44-45 days before the departure of the train.


Odessa is beautiful, both in summer and in winter. And those who decide to spend the New Year holidays in the “Pearl of the Black Sea” will be pleasantly surprised. Winters in Odessa are quite mild, so if you want the weather allows you to walk all day. The city is immersed in the New Year's atmosphere in early December, when windows and streets are decorated with festoons and luminous installations. Big city holiday program
There are legends about the level of hospitality of this city, so if you are still wondering "where to celebrate the New Year, Christmas is fun and soulful?" Is definitely worth going to Odessa. In the section of the Train Schedule on our site you can choose the most suitable route to Odessa.


Unforgettable winter holidays with a taste of the Middle Ages can be spent in the picturesque Kamenetz-Podolsk. The ancient fortress, castles, and balloon flights will give a special romantic atmosphere to the New Year celebrations. If you are lucky, in early January you will be able to get to the festival of balloons and from a bird's eye view enjoy the winter scenery, the view of the festive city and mark it with a glass of champagne. And after the flight, you can enjoy coffee in cozy coffee, theater performances for the holiday and dens.
If you wish, you can take a historical tour of the ancient fortresses and visit the nearby Khotyn. A trip for the New Year or Christmas through the castles of Ukraine can also be a wonderful holiday gift for your half. In this case, worry about the tickets in advance and choose a convenient route to Kamenetz-Podolsky.


For those who want a non-standard trip for the new year, we recommend to pay attention to the southern direction. It is here that 15 km from the Iron Port there is a hot spring - the “Hot Key” geyser. Having decided to spend your holidays here, you can combine the trip with wellness healing procedures. The famous geyser is also called the Ukrainian Dead Sea, because the water is very salty and pushes to the surface. The water temperature at the source is 65 ° C all year round, so it is possible to swim even in winter. The water temperature is quite hot, so a pool was made nearby, where the healing water cools to 40 ° C and you can swim comfortably.
Anyone who wants to start the year in a new way, get a positive charge, feel better, can safely go to the Kherson region and spend the New Year holidays in an original way, combining business with pleasure.
In this case, you will need a train schedule, the route of which passes through Kherson.

Summing up, we can say that the recipe for the cool New Year holidays is very millet. You need to decide on a desire, have time to buy a train ticket and not forget the company of noisy, cheerful friends, or, if you wish, be alone, take a soul mate for a romantic trip.