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A trip to Poland by train - what is interesting for travelers?

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The introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU countries positively affected the development of railway communication with the EU countries. To date, Ukrainians are actively traveling by rail to seven European countries - Poland, Czech Republic, Vienna, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria.
In Europe, a well-developed network of messages from lowcost carriers - be it air or land transport, the ticket can be bought at a very attractive tariff. Therefore, avid travelers often choose Polish cities as a starting point for their further route.
The train can be attributed to the most convenient mode of transport for those people who are panic-stricken to fly on an airplane or do not tolerate long trips while sitting on the bus. And one more advantage of traveling by train, which may not immediately strike the eye, but for some people plays a key role, is that the rate of baggage transportation on a train is several times greater than on an airplane. For the same amount of things on the plane you have to pay a tidy sum.

Where to buy train tickets to Poland?

So, if your route runs through Poland, you can buy tickets at international ticket offices at railway stations. Keep in mind that international ticket offices are not present at every station. Today, the most popular direction is Kiev - Peremyshl and Lviv - Peremyshl.
The cost of travel from Kiev to Peremyshl in class I cars is approximately 760 - 830 UAH, class II - 500 - 600 UAH, from Lviv to Peremyshl in class I cars - 315 UAH, class II - 230 UAH., And can vary depending on day of the week and the exchange rate.

Trains to Poland from Ukraine:

  • Intercity + № 705 Kyiv-Peremyshl
  • Intercity + № 715 Kyiv-Peremyshl
  • №67 Kiev - Warsaw
  • №36 Odessa - Przemysl
  • №51 Lviv - Gdynia

What documents are needed to travel to Poland?

For a trip to Poland from Ukraine, it is enough to have a railway ticket, a biometric passport or a foreign passport with a Schengen visa.

Please note that when buying a railway ticket abroad, the name and name of the passenger must be indicated in Latin letters as they appear in the current passport.

What do you need to know in order to travel to Poland with a child?

A child can go abroad by one of the following documents:

  • Travel document of the child
  • International passport

Important! Earlier, children were brought into the passport of the father or mother and on the basis of these records the child could cross the border. Since April 1, 2018, these rules do not apply!

Soon, the child's passport will remain the only valid document for crossing the border.
In accordance with the rules of crossing the border by citizens of Ukraine, children under 16 years old have the right to travel abroad only with the consent of the parents and in their escort or accompanied by persons authorized by them.
Therefore, if a child crosses the border in the company of only one of the parents, a notarized authorization is required to leave the child abroad from the second parent. In case the child travels without parents, the notarial permission must be from both parents. The document must contain the route and timeframe of this trip.

What is the discount for a children's railway ticket?

  • Children under 5 years can travel for free without providing a separate seat. It should be noted that only one child is allowed to travel to an adult passenger. To allocate a separate place, it is necessary to purchase a children's railway ticket.
  • For children from 5 to 10 years old children's railway tickets are mandatory. The discount for the children's ticket is 50%.
  • For international messages, a discount for children over 10 years of age is not available, you must purchase a full ticket.

How to transport an animal on a train to Poland?

If you do not represent your trip to Poland without your pet, the information below will be especially relevant to you.
In order to correctly transport a furry pet, and to avoid misunderstandings on the border with Poland, it is necessary to bear in mind the following:

  • If you travel by train Intersity to Przemysl and carry a pet (dog or cat), it is enough to have a container for transportation of the animal. In this case, the carriage of the animal is carried out according to the principle of carrying hand luggage.
  • In the case of a trip on an ordinary train, when transporting an animal, the passenger is obliged to buy out all the compartments.

For the export of the animal to the EU countries the following documents are needed:

  1. International veterinary passport of an animal.
  2. Veterinary certificate on the state of animal health. It is issued for 5 days for transportation of an animal across Ukraine, and for transportation of an animal abroad - for 3 days.
  3. A document confirming the vaccinations performed to the animal and the results of serological tests.
Since 2011, the rule applies - all pets are labeled with microchips. The chip must comply with the standard SO11784, SO11785. Also remember that 1 person can take no more than 5 animals!

On the eve of a hot tourist period, we will prepare a number of useful articles for our travelers. :)
Be careful when preparing to leave, so that later your long-awaited vacation does not mar your dreams, and you returned only with joyful memories!