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Intersity trains - the pros and cons of a new travel format

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Turning to history, you can see that the name Intercity was inherited from the class of the train, which was first launched in the UK on the route London - Birmingham in the middle of the twentieth century. The peculiarity of this train was that it made intermediate stops only in large cities or junctions, which contributed to reducing the time of passengers on the road. Such trains have become very popular, and at the moment the Intercity and Intercity + trains run in most countries of Europe.

Ukraine was no exception. Preparation for Euro 2012 in Ukraine in many ways contributed to the appearance on the Ukrainian Railways of the trains Intercity and Intercity+. In June 2012, the first high-speed intercity train was launched in Ukraine.

At the moment, high-speed trains of the Intercity and Intercity + of such manufacturers are crossing the country's railway:

  • train Intersity + produced by Hyundai Rotem
  • Intercity train produced by Skoda Vagonka
  • train "Tarpan" produced by PJSC "KVSZ" (Ukraine)
  • train locomotive traction produced by PJSC "KVSZ" (Ukraine)

Before you buy a ticket to Intercity, you can get acquainted with the schematic location of the seats in the Intercity car. Please note that the location of passenger seats, tables, toilets and a buffet depends on the class of the car and number of storeys. In the train there are 6 cars with seats, in the first and last car there are places for disabled people. A train can travel 615 passengers at a time.

The scheme of Intercity cars produced by Skoda looks like this:


If you want to buy a ticket to Intercity+, in this case it is convenient to get acquainted with the location of passenger seats, luggage compartments, toilet rooms and a buffet. The train "Hyundai Rotem" consists of 9 wagons, which accommodate 579 seating seats. It is divided into wagons 1 (No. 2, 5, 8) class and 2 (No. 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9) class. Places for disabled people are provided in 1 car. If during the trip it is important for you to have an outlet nearby, then according to the scheme of the car you can easily find out which tickets for Intercity + train you need to purchase.

The scheme of Intercity + cars is shown on the example of the train produced by Hyundai:


The train schedule for Intersity and Intercity + can be tracked on the train schedule page.

Practically every Ukrainian, traveling in the directions Kiev - Lviv, Lviv - Kiev, Kiev - Kharkov, Kharkov - Kiev, Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovsk - Kiev, Kiev-Truskavets, Truskavets - Kiev. Kiev - Zaporozhye, Zaporozhye - Kiev, Krivoy Rog - Kiev, Kiev - Konstantinovka, Konstantinovka - Kiev, Sumy - Kiev, Kiev - Sumy, has already appreciated all the benefits of high-speed trains of the Intercity and Intercity+:

  • one of the main advantages of high-speed trains is, of course, speed! If you are afraid to fly, but you need to get there in the shortest time, an excellent trip can be a trip of 5-7 hours on Intercity and Intersity +.
  • Intercity's schedule is an important plus. Trains often depart early in the morning or late in the evening. This is very convenient, especially if your trip is one-day, and you can go there and back within 24 hours.
  • all intercity railway tickets are electronic, and this means that you can buy a ticket for Intercity train in a few minutes on Travelbook.ua website and boldly go with a passport to board a train.
  • thanks to the climate control in the cabin of the train during the trip, the comfortable air temperature is maintained regardless of the weather conditions outside the window.
  • if you do not know how to pass the time on the road, then the video screens that are in each car will come to the rescue. In addition to entertainment programs, information on the train route, train speed and temperature overboard at the moment is broadcast on the monitors.
  • ergonomic chairs, tables, rosettes in the cabin, individual lighting create a special atmosphere in which the trip passes unnoticed and comfortable.
  • in each vestibule passengers can find a comfortable toilet, equipped with a vacuum drain system.
  • thanks to the modern design of wagons, people with disabilities can easily travel. The Intersity train provides for special seats, a ramp for safe landing / landing and specialized toilet rooms.
  • The availability of a buffet with quality food and drinks from WOG CAFE can be a pleasant and tasty start to your trip.
  • for those who are always online, Intercity trains are equipped with wireless Internet (Wi-Fi).
  • and remind you that when booking tickets for "Intercity +" trains in the direction "round trip", a discount of 10% of the fare is given.

Disadvantages of traveling by Intercity and Intercity + trains:

  • In the case of a limited travel budget, buying a ticket for the Intercity and Intercity + train is not always an economical solution, because the cost of a ticket for these trains, for example, in class 1, sometimes exceeds twice the cost of a ticket to a reserved seat or a compartment of an ordinary passenger train. The price of the Intercity ticket varies depending on the direction and the time of purchase. You can always find out the cost of Intersity tickets for the direction of your interest with the help of the railway ticket sales service Travelbook.ua.
  • the train is not allowed to smoke, but officially this rule applies to other trains Ukrzaliznytsia :)
  • the car is built on the principle of open space, so if you like silence, be prepared for loud neighbors and small children to disturb your peace (but no one is insured even in the compartment car, so we recommend taking earplugs or headphones :)
  • lovers to spread out and sleep on the road can also be difficult, because the journey takes place in the chair. Although the backrest can be lowered a little, but you will not achieve a full reclining place - this should be taken into account when planning an overnight trip

Comfortable cars, good service, a trip without unnecessary stops are unconditional pluses when planning a trip, but open space can cause discomfort to travel. Therefore, to buy tickets for Intersity or not, you decide, but we recommend at least once to take this opportunity and get impressions of the new train format Ukrzaliznytsya.