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Bad-good passenger or rules of behavior of passengers on the train

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Nobody will argue that traveling by train has its own romance. Someone calms the knocking of wheels, someone can not live without tea in iron cup holders or new acquaintances in the train compartment :) Everyone finds his own.

However, it is always necessary to remember that from the moment you purchase a train ticket, you enter into civil-law relations with Ukrzaliznytsia. Every passenger who boarding a train must know his rights and responsibilities, as well as the rules of conduct when traveling.

Therefore, before traveling it is necessary to have time not only to collect a suitcase, take the necessary documents, water the flowers and give the cat for the period of your absence to parents, but also to remember the basic rules of boarding and driving.

We have already touched on the issues of the rights and capabilities of the passenger in our article "What Every Passenger of Ukrzaliznytsi Should Know."

But do not forget about the other side of the coin - about the rules of behavior when traveling by train, which will ensure a comfortable and safe trip, both to passengers, their fellow travelers, and personnel.

Each trip starts from the platform, so we want to remind the most basic rules of conduct on the station and the platform:

- agree, it is nice to observe the cleanliness around, the territory of the station is equipped with urns - do not litter on the platform or waiting room, use the garbage can;
- do not drink alcohol;
- think about others - smoke in specially designated places;
- Do not leave personal belongings unattended, first, there may be unfair citizens nearby, and secondly, your luggage can cause suspicion and panic among visitors to the station;
- Do not hand over lightly flammable, explosive mixtures, weapons - this is prohibited by regulations;
- it is dangerous to approach the edge of the platform more than 0.5 m after the announcement of the train's delivery - observe the distance;
- do not promote the business of speculators and ticket brokers, and do not act in their roles :)

Boarding in the train and carrying baggage are also governed by certain rules:

  • When boarding a train, the passenger must present a ticket and a document proving his identity.
  • Each passenger can carry free hand luggage weighing up to 36 kg and no more than the capacity of the place reserved for the passenger to carry hand luggage. If the weight of baggage is from 36 to 50 kg, the passenger needs to issue an additional transportation ticket in the category "Excess", and for hand luggage weighing over 50 kg - an additional seat is issued.
  • Passengers are not allowed to place hand luggage in places such as car wagon, corridor, coupe passages, because this prevents other passengers from moving freely around the train.

As they say, warned - it means armed, so we decided to also remind the basic rules of the behavior of passengers when traveling on trains Ukrzaliznytsia:

- to be on the train without a travel document and an identity document of a passenger is strictly prohibited;
- Some passengers ignore this rule, but smoking on the train is prohibited;
- You can not drink alcohol;
- behave intelligently, do not make noise and do not disturb neighbors to have a rest :)
- do not litter in the compartment, corridors of the car and throw garbage through the train window;
- do not leave your personal belongings unattended;
- do not pull the handle of the stopcock yourself without any apparent reason;
- Do not transport weapons, flammable, poisonous radioactive substances and flammable mixtures.

Going on a trip or business trip remember that the safety and comfort of your trip is partly in your hands :) And compliance with the rules of conduct at the railway station, platform or train is their integral part.

P.S .: Our post on Facebook about the rights of passengers received a very large response from the guides, our team did not even guess how much the behavior of some "travelers" hurt and offend the conductors, which subsequently affects the attitude to other passengers. This fact prompted us to prepare this article.

Friends, let us try, if possible, to be kinder and respectful to someone else's work, and maybe your good word on the next trip will melt the heart of some guide;)