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Bukovel - rest in the heart of tourism in western Ukraine.

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The Ukrainian Carpathians are, without exaggeration, one of the most valuable natural assets of the European continent. The unique beauty of the rocky mountains, the virgin nature, the branching system of mountain rivers and the rich history of the local ethnic groups have become an inspiration for the development of a powerful tourism infrastructure in this area. Over time, the scale of the provision of tourism services reached impressive heights and, to date, the Carpathians occupy leading positions in the list of desired places to visit a huge number of travelers. One of the most prominent representatives of the tourism sector of the Carpathians, is the resort Bukovel. The rest spent in the environment of the European quality service at affordable Ukrainian prices in the very heart of western Ukraine remains for a long time on the lips of every guest.

  1. The structure of the tourist complex Bukovel includes everything that is necessary for an unforgettable vacation in the winter and in the summer under any budget available:
  2. Elite and budget places to stay with breathtaking views of the beauty of the local nature, where you can book a hotel or hotel room, rent a house or cottage, or rent housing in the private sector;
  3. Delicious Western Ukrainian cuisine, the menu of which can be studied in one of the local cafes and restaurants of Bukovel, where the level of service is not inferior to the European one;

A wide range of entertainment programs for people of all ages and preferences: Exciting excursions and tours to Bukovel, a developed network of infrastructure for practicing extreme sports and driving parties!

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to spend a holiday in Bukovel share purely pleasant impressions and recommend their loved ones to visit. There is no magic in it! The high level of quality of service, Ukrainian prices and a good location in the zone of the Carpathian mountain ranges make the Bukovel resort an obvious choice for people who want to get maximum pleasure from rest at any time of the year.

Rest in Bukovel in the winter - a New Year's fairy tale and unforgettable impressions

Perhaps one of the best places in Ukraine where it is worth spending a winter holiday in the Carpathians or celebrating the New Year holidays is Bukovel. In winter, the resort is significantly transformed - the snow-covered landscapes of these places are especially breathtaking and give the feeling of immersion in a winter fairy tale. And the owners of local shopping and entertainment facilities are actively preparing to receive a powerful flow of tourists.

The “hot” tourist season begins in Bukovel - in winter, in early December. During this period, the most avid fans of extreme sports are massively sent here to relax, pre-preparing their skis, snowboards and sledges for constant use. The resort Bukovel, first of all, is a sports and entertainment complex, equipped with everything necessary for practicing ski sports.

It is also worth noting that the opening of the holiday season in Bukovel in the winter is accompanied by holding fabulous music festivals, where traditionally the best representatives of show business of Ukraine and artists of various caliber from abroad come to please the public.

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Undoubtedly, Bukovel is beautiful in winter! It is at this time that the snow-white beauty of nature enchants, it contributes to a good mood. And if you consider that it is at this time there is an opportunity to go skiing, sledding, take part in dog races and go down the mountain on a rope, then there is no doubt, you should definitely come here!

After all, there is a lot of entertainment and hundreds of possibilities, a lot of various excursions and travels. But, the main thing - to know the main features of the rest. If you want to spend an unforgettable vacation, we recommend to listen to the advice ...

Residence matters!

Of course, there are many places where you can rent housing. You, however, should take into account that the quality of your holiday should be the maximum. In fact, for any budget you can find a lot of offers. Here there is a rule, the closer to the mountains, the higher the prices. This means that rest in Bukovel in winter will be expensive only for those who do not want to walk a lot. That is why, if you like to conquer the peaks, you need to settle closer to the ski lifts. In case you decide to save a little, you can book your accommodation a little further. But to get to the mountains can be difficult, so it's good if you make the trip on your own car. Otherwise, you will need to use public transport.

Best places to eat

If you keep active, you need to take care of good nutrition. Almost in each of the hotels, in any hotel and even in private apartments you will be offered to taste dishes of national Ukrainian cuisine. A lot in Bukovel and all kinds of institutions. Depending on the availability of free time and money, you can choose any of the options.

If you dedicate all day to skiing on the mountain slopes, then you should definitely visit the cafes and restaurants in the mountains. They are located near each lift, so you will not be hungry. It is worth noting the fact that in each institution the prices for the main dishes are approximately the same. This moment indicates that winter rest in the Carpathians Bukovel is not as expensive as many have suggested.

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Excursions and events worth visiting

In recent years, many different and unusual leisure options have appeared, and each of them is something amazing. Therefore, do not miss your chance, spend your holidays in the Carpathians in the winter so that you want to return to Bukovel!

But at the same time, do not rush to assume that there are no interesting places and attractions. In fact, the natural wealth provide a lot of interesting things for tourists. For example, riding a balloon will allow you to see the unique beauty from a bird's eye view. There is a lot of entertainment and travel, on ratrakah, for example, on SUVs. Not so long ago the toboggan run was opened, where both children and adults will get a lot of pleasure. The most important thing is that this is not a complete list of entertainment.

As a result, we can say one thing - you need to go to Bukovel! Winter is the best time to travel!

Ski resort Bukovel - "Mecca" of extreme sports enthusiasts

The most popular winter resort in Ukraine is the Bukovel ski resort. It is located in the Carpathians, near the Ukrainian village of Polyanytsya, not far from Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Горнолыжный курорт Буковель

The best place in Ukraine for ski holidays

Bukovel is a ski resort for a comfortable winter holiday. It is the youngest and fastest growing ski resort in the country. The high popularity of Bukovel among skiers and snowboarders is due to its good location, high level of service, an extensive system of trails, as well as the presence of modern lifts and comfortable hotels in different price categories.

Construction of the ski resort Bukovel began in 2000. When choosing a place for the future resort, they took into account not only the features of the terrain, but also the beauty of the landscapes.

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The creators of Bukovel managed to choose an extremely picturesque place. The mountain slopes in these places are completely covered with dense coniferous vegetation, so the air here is very useful. It is saturated with phytoncides produced by numerous spruces.

Today, these places come not only for skiing or snowboarding. Many people visit Bukovel, just to stroll through the scenic spots, enjoy the beauty of the local nature and breathe the purest mountain air.

Features of the ski resort Bukovel

Ski tracks of various levels of complexity are located on the slopes of five mountains:

  • Dovga;
  • Chorna Kleva;
  • Bukovel;
  • Babin Pohar;
  • Bulchinocha.

From the slopes of the magnificent views. The tracks are protected from strong winds, which ensures comfortable riding conditions.

The ski season begins here in December and ends in May. Sometimes they start skating at the end of November. The longest ski trail number two, which is located on the northern slope, runs the longest. On it skiers and snowboarders ride even in May.

The average winter temperature in these places is about five degrees below zero. The most comfortable months for skiing are February and March. There is enough snow on the slopes throughout the season due to the fact that a large number of snow cannons are installed along the tracks.

There are about fifty kilometers of tracks on this resort. Fourteen modern lifts made in Germany are available for those who ride around. A key feature of Bukovel and its highlight is that all the tracks are connected by moving. This is very convenient as it allows you to drive around the entire resort in one day without leaving the pistes.

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Quality of service

Since Bukovel is a European-level ski resort, the service is of the highest class. For tourists there are comfortable hotels, cozy cafes, luxurious restaurants, numerous ski equipment rentals, modern parking lots, highly qualified instructors, etc. Like many other modern ski resorts, Bukovel continues to actively develop. On it new routes open, old lifts are replaced by more modern ones, new hotels are built around.

The highest prices at the resort are during the New Year holidays. Then begins the high season, which lasts until mid-March. The cheapest price for skipass and equipment hire is during the low season - in April-May and in November-December.

Rest in Bukovel in the summer - is it worth it to go?

Everybody associates bukovel primarily with snow-covered mountain slopes, magnificent coniferous forests and magnificent ski slopes, which attract guests from both Ukraine and many other countries. But Bukovel is no less beautiful in the summer, and one can quite confidently assert that you can have a good rest at this amazing resort at any time of the year. Therefore, if you did not manage to make a trip here in the winter - go to the mountains in the summer, and you will definitely bring a lot of pleasant impressions from the Carpathians.

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Where to stay in Bukovel in the summer?

Bukovel is quite an expensive resort. A significant part of their budget traveler who came here will have to spend on rental housing. At the same time, everyone wants to be comfortably accommodated, and good housing, as we know, cannot be cheap by definition. But in summer, local prices are significantly reduced, especially in the private sector.

Living in the private sector is suitable for those who want to combine both quiet and active rest. The choice of the tourist, there are many excellent houses with excellent conditions and hospitable hosts. To stay, you can choose a lively, or a more quiet and peaceful place. So, rest in Bukovel in the summer (private sector) is a great opportunity to leave the city bustle, retire and fully enjoy the fresh air and fantastically beautiful Carpathian nature.

What to see in the summer in Bukovel?

Summer is the best way to get a good look at the mountain beauties and the sights located near Bukovel. Fans of active pastime should sign up for one of the excursions in the mountains, which are often organized here. If you wish, you can go hiking and without a guide. However, walking on unfamiliar routes is best in the company or with at least one partner. Remember about safety in the mountains will never be over.

Not far from the resort there are several beautiful mountain streams, in which it is very pleasant to swim in the summer heat. Many tourists who come here love to organize multi-day trips to the mountains, having tents with them and enjoying the unique romance of the wild nature. So, the rest in Bukovel in summer will surely please both a lover of calm and a very active tourist who cannot imagine his life without adventures.

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Turbulent mountain rivers provide an excellent opportunity for rafting on kayaks or on catamarans. Such a vacation is a favorite for many tourists coming here, bringing them a lot of sharp and unforgettable feelings.

Also, tourists can:

  • go on excursions to nearby towns;
  • buy original Carpathian souvenirs, wine, traditional local dishes and homemade preparations;
  • visit various workshops and purchase handicrafts.

Carpathians is a great place for gourmets. Bukovel has many cozy restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy delicious dishes from the cuisines of different nations of the world. Especially popular are the classic Hutsul dishes. It is very interesting to just walk around the neighborhood and chat with the locals. The Carpathians are famous for their unique flavor and friendly people. In short, any guest of these places will definitely like Bukovel. Summer holidays in these places will be remembered by you and your family for the rest of your life, and you will probably want to come back again.

Holiday prices in Bukovel

Bukovel is the most popular Ukrainian resort, which attracts numerous lovers of winter holidays with an abundance of trails, plenty of snow and a high level of service. Every year, a huge number of citizens of Ukraine, as well as Poland, Belarus and other nearby states rest here.

The comfort of the resort has made it extremely popular, so prices in Bukovel are quite high. The cost of rest is much higher here than on Dragobrat, in Slavsk, Pylypets, Pobokovce and other ski resorts in the country. In Bukovel, the cost of skiing, rental and accommodation is close to the average price tag for a ski holiday in most European resorts.

How do prices in Bukovel depend on the ski season?

Prices for holidays in Bukovel reach their peak during the New Year and Christmas holidays. At this time, here are the most expensive ski passes and the highest prices for hotel rooms. After the end of the holidays in Bukovel prices fall a little, but continue to remain quite high.

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The price of a holiday in a resort is the sum of the cost:

  • skipass;
  • ski equipment rental;
  • nutrition;
  • hotel accommodation;
  • transportation costs;
  • excursions, etc.

High season accommodation costs from one to 5-6 thousand hryvnia and more for a double room, depending on the class of the hotel. The most expensive are the rooms in hotels located near the slopes. Those who want to save can live not in Bukovel itself, but in the neighboring villages - Polyanitsa, Yablunitsa, Tatarov, Vorokhta. To get to the slides, they will have to take a shuttle bus or by car, but the price of rest in Bukovel in this case becomes minimal.

The resort has a lot of ski equipment rental. The cost of rent for one day in them starts from 110 hryvnia per day. Ski passes at the resort are also expensive. In a high period, one day of skating costs UAH 1120, on weekdays and UAH 1466 - on weekends. When you purchase a ski pass for several days, the price for one day decreases. If you want to save, you can buy a skipass for half a day or evening skiing.

Food at the resort is also expensive. Food prices in local grocery stores are higher than in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine. The average bill in a restaurant in high season for two is 1000-2000 thousand hryvnia, depending on the institution chosen.

The minimum price in Bukovel for the rental of ski equipment and ski passes is in April and November. In these months, the price tag falls by thirty percent. However, for lower skipass cost, lovers of ski holidays have to pay less comfortable riding conditions.

In November there may still be too little snow. Although modern snow cannons are installed along all the tracks of the resort, they can only work fully with a steady minus. If November is warm and snowless, the resort can only open in December.

In April and May, the ride is also not too uncomfortable. Even if there is still enough snow, far from all the tracks are working. At the end of the season, only the red “deuce”, located on the northern slope, usually remains open. The spring sun quickly turns the snow cover on the track into a “porridge”, so you can ride here with relative comfort only in the first half of the day.

Prices in Bukovel in summer

Summer vacation at this resort is much cheaper than in winter. The cost of rest in Bukovel in the summer is several times lower than in the winter, so in summer there are also quite a few tourists.

In the summer, the resort also has a lot of entertainment. You can swim in an artificial lake or in pools at hotels, sunbathe on sun loungers, walk in the woods, ride bicycles, ride excursions, etc. The prices for rest in Bukovel in the summer depend mainly on the cost of living in the hotel.

How to get to Bukovel?

Where is Bukovel - the most popular ski resort in Ukraine? It is located in the Carpathians, on the border of two Ukrainian regions - Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk. Getting to the resort is relatively difficult, but this does not stop many lovers of ski holidays from visiting it.

A trip to Bukovel can be accomplished in many ways. The resort can be reached by plane, train, bus or car. The most convenient way to do this is by train. The train is a relatively inexpensive and fairly convenient form of transport. In addition, it is much safer to travel by train in winter than to travel by plane or travel by car along snow-covered roads.

However, keep in mind that the station, like the airport, is not in Bukovel itself, so getting to the resort by just one railway or air transport will not work. You can take a train to the nearest station to the resort, and then transfer to a bus, minibus or taxi.

Fans of ski holidays, who do not know how to get to Bukovel, should be aware that the train stations closest to the resort are located in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Ternopil. In these cities, you can transfer to the electric train that runs to the nearest villages - Yaremchi, Mikulichina, Tatarova or Vorokhta. Upon reaching one of the above villages, you can order a transfer to Bukovel at the hotel or transfer to the bus.

How to get to Bukovel by train from Kiev?

Getting to Bukovel by train from the Ukrainian capital is very convenient. This can be done by train, the next to Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk. Although Ivano-Frankivsk is located closer to Bukovel, most tourists prefer to go to the resort through Lviv. Lviv is a very beautiful Ukrainian city with a lot of sights and remarkable monuments of architecture, so many skiers and snowboarders prefer to stop there on the way for a day or two, and then order a transfer to Bukovel.

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If you don’t want to walk around Lviv, you’d better go by train to Ivano-Frankivsk, since this city is much closer to the ski resort. If you do not know how to get to Bukovel by train, we recommend using the following routes to Ivano-Frankivsk:

  1. 043 Kiev - Ivano-Frankivsk. This train departs at 18.49 from Kiev, and it arrives in Ivano-Frankivsk early in the morning at 5 hours and 43 minutes in the morning.
  2. 1440 Kremenchug-Vorokhta. At 20:19 departure from Kiev, at 08:55 arrival in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk.
  3. 749K Kiev - Ivano-Frankivsk. This is the evening train. At 14:07 he departs from Kiev, and at 22:10 on the same day he arrives in Ivano-Frankivsk.
  4. 0150 Kharkov - Rakhiv. At 01:24, he departs from Kiev, at 10:19 arrives in Ivano-Frankivsk.
  5. 007K Kiev - Ivano-Frankivsk. At 22:27 the train leaves from Kiev railway station, and at half past seven in the morning the next day arrives in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Bukovel - how to get by bus from the nearest cities?
From Ivano-Frankivsk Bukovel buses run very often, twelve times a day. Five bus trips are carried out daily from Lviv. If you do not want to go by bus, you can order a taxi.