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Where to go to rest in the summer in Ukraine?

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Going on a trip is always interesting to admire what you did not have to see before. The untouched corners of nature, powerful mountains and raging rivers attract with their unpredictability. For those who are tired of the usual vacation with crowds of tourists, we offer a list of places whose beauty is breathtaking. Here you can relax from the busy city secluded with nature.

Devil's Valley - Actovsky Canyon

To get to your destination, you should buy a train ticket, moving in the direction from Kiev to Odessa. Upon reaching Voznesensk, it is required to use the services of a fixed-route taxi and cover another 20 kilometers.

On a map of Ukraine, a tourist attraction can be found in the Mykolayiv region near the village of Trikraty on the river - Deadwater. A pond with a name devoid of harmony has many legends. According to one of them, the ancient Scythians sent their kings to the other world along the river.

The cliffs of the canyon soar upward, reaching a mark of 90 meters. In combination with rivers and ponds, stone blocks create an outstanding place. You can swim in the clean and transparent Gamazenik River. It is located in the depths of Aktovsky Canyon. Here, there are small waterfalls, whose falling drops are considered to be healing. It is widely believed that these waters relieve various diseases, fatigue, give vitality.

Walking here, you can go to the Arbuzinsky Canyon. It is located nearby and is visible from the cliff of the Navel of the Earth, it offers an amazing view.

Inspecting the beauties of this area, it is recommended to visit the Trikrat forest labyrinth, reminiscent of a fairy kingdom, equipped with lovely bridges and arbors.

One of the most picturesque places in Ukraine is Aktovsky Canyon. It is literally created in order to settle here with a tent. Food and drinks will have to take with you. You can also stay for the night in the hotel room of Voznesenka, the rent for which will cost about 200 UAH per day.

Biryuchy Island

To enjoy the exquisite panoramic view of the island, it is better to buy a train ticket online. Online purchases will allow you to:

• avoid queues;

• save time;

• will provide an opportunity to choose a place in the car.

In order to find yourself in a place little affected by man, you need to catch the Kiev-Genichesk train. Further by boat, the journey from Genichesk will take a little more than 30 minutes.

The island belongs to the Kherson region. At the moment, there is the territory of the Azov-Sivash National Natural Park. This unique land plot is located in the Sea of ​​Azov. It has the status of a reserve. In these places you can find: fallow deer, deer, kulans and antelopes.

The main attractions of this amazing place is the modern lighthouse and government cottage, built under Khrushchev.


You can get to Ust-Chernaya by train, following the route Kiev - Uzhgorod. For convenience, it is recommended to book a train ticket online. Arriving at the station you need to head to the village on your own.

There are few tourists here, and the roads are not very well equipped. The pearl of this place is Polonina Krasnaya. It offers stunning views. You can taste blueberries and blueberries. Nearby is Gayson Gayvoron - this place is famous for the fact that what was conceived here will certainly come true.

Many will like the Svidovets ridge. There are three of the highest mountain lakes in Ukraine, as well as many waterfalls flowing one into another.

In addition to amazing landscapes, the village of Ust-Chernaya will certainly delight you with local cuisine.

Tourists renting housing in the private sector will spend over 70 UAH per day. A cottage for guests will cost more - from 100 to 150 UAH.


To get to know this amazing place, you need to take care of the availability of tickets for rail transport in advance. It is better to buy train tickets online.

Finding yourself in the “Ukrainian Switzerland” will allow the train Kiev-Odessa. On it you need to get to the station Yuzhnosakhalinsk. Then transfer by minibus to Migia. The attention of tourists here is attracted by the Rodon Lake, filled with blue water. The pond is perfect for those who like to dive (its water surface does not hide stones).

The depth of the lake reaches forty-two meters.

To entertain holidaymakers, the following activities are organized:

• Rafting;

• Kayaking and kayaking;

• Alloys in the Southern Bug;

• Rock climbing (for those who prefer extreme sports).

Migia is a place with developed infrastructure. It will be comfortable for both tourists with a ward and travelers who wish to stay at the hotel. 

Spend tenants rented housing will have from 150 to 200 UAH per day.

Cahul Lake

In order to be at the southernmost point of Ukraine, you need to follow the train to Odessa. Upon reaching the place, you must take the minibus and go to the city of Reni. Further, about 30 kilometers to Nagorny.

Having reached the reservoir, it is difficult not to admire the local nature. Around Lake Cahul medicinal plants grow. Birds nest on stone blocks of rocks. This is a great place to be alone with yourself.

Swimming in these waters is not prohibited, but do not forget that the bottom of the reservoir is muddy and caution should be exercised.

Here you can relax nicely with a tent, but lovers of a comfortable stay will have to stay in the village of Nagornoye or the city of Reni.


You can visit Kolochava by train Kiev-Uzhgorod to the station Volovets. Next you need to use the services of a minibus.

Kolochava is a Ukrainian village stretching 40 kilometers in length. A tourist who arrives here will be interested in visiting the Old Village Museum. An unusual attraction is a narrow gauge railway, which used to deliver a forest along it. Today it is used to move vacationers.

Many will remember visiting a parrot and pigeon farm (there are more than 2,000 birds here). Also, the traveler can go on an excursion to the fishing industry.

To view the splendor of local nature, you can climb Mount Strymbu, whose height is 1719 meters.

In the village of Kolochava, you will need to pay 250 UAH per day for a vacation at the hotel, renting a house will cost 450 UAH.

Source: B-Mandry Travel Portal