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Which trains are currently traveling from Ukraine to Russia?

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The conflict between Ukraine and Russia, unfortunately, left its imprint on the transport interaction between the two states. Due to the cancellation of air traffic from 2014 between countries, the main flow of passengers now falls on the railway and road transport.

Provided that no one has canceled family ties, and your aunt is waiting for you on your birthday in Moscow or St. Petersburg every year :), you must plan your trip in advance.

At the moment, to get from Kiev to Moscow by rail is possible with the help of the following trains:

  • № 024 Odessa - Moscow
  • № 006 Kiev - Moscow
  • № 074 Lviv - Moscow
  • № 066 Chisinau - Moscow
  • № 341 Chisinau - Moscow
  • № 078 Kovel - Moscow

If you plan to travel to Moscow from other cities of Ukraine, there are the following options for routes::

  • № 020 Kharkov - Moscow
  • № 106 Dnepro - Moscow
  • № 056 Khmelnitsky, Zhmerynka - Moscow
  • № 062 Mykolaiv - Moscow
  • № 957 Kherson - Moscow
  • № 658 Chernihiv - Moscow

For those whose friends or relatives live in St. Petersburg, such train routes from Ukraine will be interesting:

  • № 011 Dnepro-Saint-Petersburg
  • № 054 Kiev - St. Petersburg
  • № 061 Chisinau - St. Petersburg
  • № 143 Kharkov - St. Petersburg

Thinking over your future itinerary, it is necessary to take into account that you will be about 13 hours from Kiev to Moscow, and to St. Petersburg - up to a day. The duration of the trip accordingly affects the cost of the purchased railway ticket. It can not be asserted that a trip to Russia by train is budgetary, since for a ticket in a compartment from Kiev to Moscow you have to pay an average of 2500 - 3000 UAH, and in St. Petersburg there are about 3500 - 4000 UAH one way.

Please note that at the moment citizens of Ukraine to cross the border with Russia by train are sufficient to have a passport of a citizen. When boarding a train, you must show the conductor an internal passport and a train ticket.
Citizens of the Russian Federation can enter Ukraine solely on the basis of documents valid for traveling abroad.

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