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What are the values of the train tickets?

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To evaluate the advantages of buying rail tickets online is very simple. It is enough two components - a bank card with the necessary balance and access to the site Travelbook.ua :)

But the main thing you can buy a ticket to yourself, your entire family or friend quickly, at any time convenient for you - on the go or even without getting up from your favorite couch.

Currently, using all your favorite Internet, you can only complete a full ticket in just a few minutes. If there is a QR code on the purchased document, then you can safely go with the ticket to board the train. You just need to print out the document or present the QR-code on the screen of the mobile device for reading by a special device.

The second possible type of ticket when buying on the site is an Order Form that does not contain a QR code. The order form must be MANDATORY before boarding the train for a travel document at the railway ticket office.

For those passengers who have always wondered what important information is encrypted in his travel document :), we have prepared a list of the most important elements of the Electronic Ticket and the Order Form.

E-ticket or Landing document

Электронный билет

1. The number of the electronic ticket is a unique number of the travel document. In case, for some reason, the conductor could not read the QR-code, he enters the ticket number into the device manually. This is necessary to verify the passenger's data in the purchased ticket with the identity card of the passenger.

2. Order number - a unique document code consisting of numbers and letters.

3. Block with fiscal information:
ПН - individual tax number of the GIVC
ФН - fiscal number
ЗН - serial number of the fiscal server
ФК - the fiscal code of the operation. You may need a fiscal code to check the status of your ticket, or to make a return ticket online

4. MПС - type of payment. Distinguish: МПС - international payment system and ГОТ - a way of payment cash.

5. Surname and name of the passenger - the name and surname of the person who will make the trip. It is important to specify these data exactly as they are indicated in the passenger identification document. If errors do not distort the essence, then up to 3 incorrect characters are allowed.

6. Train number - The train number usually contains numbers and letters.

7. Class train - displays information about the class of the train (ЗВИЧ - zvichayny, ФІРМ - firmovy, П/З- pidvizchencheny comfort).

8. Model and train category. The model can be specified Hundai, Skoda, etc. There are the following categories of trains:
IC+ - Intercity +
IC - Intercity
РЕ - Regular express
Р - Regular
НЕ - New express
НП - Night fast
НШ - Night passenger

9. Data on the car and the name of the railway carrying the transportation.
The first letter after the wagon number means its type:
Л - Suite
M - Soft
П - Platzcard
О - Quiet
С - Sitting

Through the fraction after the letter C will be indicated the class of the car, for convenience and comfort they are divided into 3 classes:
1 КЛ - is characterized by increased comfort, more free boarding and additional services,
2 KЛ - the best option for travel,
3 KЛ - the conditions of the trip may not be very comfortable, often the melodic class is marked by the wagons of electric trains.
Б - Without services
Д - Econom

Abbreviations of names of railways of Ukraine in the ticket:
Львів (Львівська)  - Lviv Railway
Півд (Південна) - Southern Railway
Півд Зах (Південно- Західна) - The South-Western Railway.
Придн (Приднепровська) - Pridneprovskaya Railway
Од (Одеська) - Odessa Railway.
Дон (Донецька) - Donetsk Railway

10. Passenger's seat - contains not only his number, but also indicates the type of ticket purchased. In this case, the following categories are distinguished: Full, Child, Student, Preferential.

11. Service included in the ticket price:
БІЛ (білизна) - linen
ЧАЙ - tea
К - coffee
Н - 1 drink (on the train you choose 1 drink from the presented - tea, coffee, coffee drink, mineral water)
M - 2 drinks (on the train you choose 2 drinks from the presented - tea, coffee, coffee drink, mineral water)
П.Н.  - a food set (Intercyti +)
If the service is not enabled, the field is left blank.

12. Decoding of the ticket price.
ВАРТ (вартість)  - the total cost of the travel document includes the following components:
КВ. (квиткова вартість) - ticket price. Expenses for the maintenance of infrastructure.
ПЛ. (плацкарта) - the price of a reserved seat. Expenses for technical repair and maintenance of rolling stock.
CП. (сервісні послуги) - service services (tea, grocery set, etc.)
ПДВ - value added tax.
СТР. - insurance fee. This is a mandatory fee for personal insurance of passengers against accidents during a train ride.
КЗБ (комісійний збір) - payment for services on registration, return and reissue of travel documents.

13. Name, address and contact details of the insurance company.

14. QR code - the code on the boarding document, which contains all the information about the passenger and the place bought by him on the train in encrypted form.

The order form - MUST change at the ticket office on the travel document!

Бланк заказа

1. Order number - a unique document code consisting of 16 characters (numbers and letters). If you contact the railway cashier for an exchange for a travel document, you can show the cashier a printed document or a recorded number.

2. Surname and name of the passenger - the name and surname of the person making the trip. Because travel documents are nominal, it is important in the process of issuing a ticket to correctly indicate the name and surname of the passenger.

3. Ticket number - the individual number of the travel document.

4. Cost of the Carrier - the cost of the railway ticket.

5. The fee for registration of the DTP - the cost of the issuance of the travel / transportation document. It includes the collection of Ukrzaliznytsya and the collection of the Travelblock service. When you return a ticket, this commission is not refundable.

6. Barcode - under each number of the Order Form there is a bar code. At the cashier when exchanging the order form, the cashier reads the device with a bar code, which speeds up the process of issuing the travel document.

We hope that our article was useful and informative for you :) And you can always correctly "read" all the information that your travel documents contain.