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How to buy a train ticket at the lowest price?

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In order to make the journey by train not only pleasant, but also more affordable, we recommend that you consider a number of discounts for the purchase of railway tickets. Especially this information will be useful to those who plan their trip without haste and without binding to specific dates, tk. The cost of a travel document is affected by seasonality and the day of your departure week.

"Ukrzaliznytsya" offers the following discounts for travel documents:

  1. By decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, 13 calendar periods are identified, to which the regulation coefficients of the fare are attached and which affect the final price of the ticket. The most inexpensive tickets - 70% and 80% of the total fare - are only December 31 and May 9, respectively. At 14% cheaper will cost you a ticket purchased in the period 21-31 January, and 7% cheaper - from October 1 to December 24. The most "expensive" tickets - from 25 to 30 December (10% more expensive) and during the holidays from 01.06 to 31.08 (7% more expensive).
  2. Also the cost of the ticket is influenced by the day of the week of your departure. For all categories of cars, except suburban, the following coefficients apply:
  • Monday, Thursday, Saturday - base rate;
  • Tuesday and Wednesday - 10% discount;
  • Friday and Sunday - the ticket costs more expensive by 10%.

Separately, discounts can be given for trains "Intercity +".

  1. Coefficient of cost by days of the week:
  • Monday, Saturday - 10% discount;
  • Friday, Sunday - the ticket costs more expensive by 10%.

      2. When buying tickets for cars class 1, the price varies depending on the date of departure of the train:

  • for 30 days - 15%;
  • for 29-25 days -10%;
  • for 24-15 days - 5%;
  • for 14-5 days - the standard cost;
  • for 4-2 days + 10%;
  • for 1-0 days + 15%.

     3. When buying tickets for cars of Classes 1 and 2 in both directions, a 10% discount is granted.

Using several discounts at the same time, you can choose the most optimal ticket for the direction of interest.

Enjoy your trip, friends!