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Railway Stations in Zaporizhzhia

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Railway Station Zaporizhzhia 1

Address: 2 Lenina Ave., Zaporizhzhia;

Reception phone number: +38 (061) 720-12-94;
On-duty assistant to the stationmaster +38 (061) 720-14-42;
Information desk at the railway station Zaporizhzhia 1 +38 (061) 224-40-60;
Service center +38 (061) 720-15-05, +38 (061) 720-13-33;
Lounge room +38 (061) 720-12-36;

Train Schedule for Zaporizhzhia 1 Station;





The railway station Zaporizhzhia 1 is a central railway station in Zaporizhzhia, located in the Komunarskyi district. It belongs to the Near-Dnipro Railways. Today it is possible to travel not only to different parts of the country, but also to Belarus and Russia using international trains running through the Zaporizhzhia 1 station.

Zaporizhzhia 1 station was opened in 1873. On November 15, 1873, freight and passenger trains started running through the station. Back then, the railway station was known as "Southern station".

Unfortunately, many buildings and structures were destroyed during the World War II. The railway station in the city of Zaporizhzhia was no exception. The construction of the new railway station building was completed in 1954, and the station itself was renamed to "Zaporizhzhia 1". The railway station Zaporizhzhia 1 was renovated in the period between 2000 and 2002.

On the territory of the railway station, there are ticket counters, lockers, luggage storage, an underground pedestrian crossing, lounge rooms and waiting rooms, a baby care room, and a car parking lot.

If you need to use a fax machine or a copier, call a taxi, make a landline/intercity call or charge your phone, you can visit the station’s service center.

The railway station Zaporizhzhia 1 is located next to a convenient traffic interchange. Those for whom travelling by public transport is convenient can use the following urban transport:

trolleybus No. 3
trams No. 3, 16
buses and route taxis No. 3, 17, 18, 20, 31, 37, 42, 43, 44, 55, 61, 62, 67, 74, 75, 81, 84, 88, 201, 202, 384

Railway Station Zaporizhzhia 2

Address: 5 Kostyantyna Velykoho St., Zaporizhzhia;

Phone number: +38 (061) 720-21-61;

Train Schedule for Zaporizhzhia 2 Station;





Zaporizhzhia 2 station is a suburban railway station located in the Oleksandrivskyi district of Zaporizhzhia. This station belongs to the Near-Dnipro Railways and carries passengers in suburban directions.

The station was opened in 1903 under the name "Katerynynskyi station". In 1904, trains headed in the direction of Kryvyi Rih – Oleksandrivsk II – Polohy started regularly running through the station. The Zaporizhzhia 2 station building remained undamaged during the World War II. City authorities are currently planning to create a museum complex within its walls.

In 1985, a new station building was completed. On its territory, there are automatic and stationary luggage lockers, railway platforms, and a car parking lot. Every passenger can purchase travel documents, reserve seats for the transportation of groups of people, and get answers to the questions of interest at the information desk. 

The railway station Zaporizhzhia 2 can be reached by buses No. 92 and 208, as well as by trolleybuses No. 10, 12, 14, 15.