Railway Stations in Odesa

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Information on the Railway Stations in Odesa:



Railway Station Odesa Holovna

Address: 2 Pryvokzalna Square, Odesa 65000

Phone numbers: +380 (48) 727-29-13, +380 (48) 727-13-19;
Phone number of the information desk at the Odesa railway station: +380 (48) 727-42-42, extension 15-05;
Stationmaster: +380 (48) 727-48-07;
Lounge room: +380 (48) 727-13-68;

Train Schedule for Odesa Railway Station;



Odesa railway station is a gate to the city. In the form in which we know the station today, this beautiful architectural gem and a city landmark was built in record time from 1950 to 1952. The latest reconstruction of the facade took place in 2006. The railway station in the city of Odesa is a strategic facility because dozens of suburban, local and international trains pass through it daily.

The location for the Odesa station is very well chosen, as from there you can get to anywhere in the city; Pryvoz food market, various shops, cafés, sightseeing attractions are located nearby. When necessary, you can use a bus station located a few stops away from the railway station.

On the territory of the railway station, there are cafés, comfortable lounge rooms, as well as cozy waiting rooms where passengers can rest, watch cable TV, read a book, make an important call while awaiting their train. The station has a baby care room, a medical center, and luggage lockers.

If Odesa is a transit point in your trip and you have a couple of free hours at hand, we recommend getting to know the city closer. This, of course, is not enough to soak up the special atmosphere of the port city, but you will be interested in passing the time on the streets of Odesa. You can get back to the railway station by buses No. 133, 145, 129, 9, 150, 215, 237, 121, 117, 148, 198, trolleybuses No. 1, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and trams No. 3, 5, 10, 13, 28, 31.



Railway Station Odesa Skhidna

Address: Zholio-Kiuri St., Odesa 65000;

Train Schedule for Odesa-Skhidna Railway Station;



Odesa-Skhidna railway station was named this way due to its location. The station is located in the north-east of the city and serves as an intermediate passenger station of the Odesa Railways. Suburban electric trains and long-distance trains run through Odesa-Skhidna on a daily basis.

The station’s opening date is not known with certainty, but earlier it was called Kuyalnyk. Today, the Odesa-Skhidna station has 4 main and 10 additional railway tracks. The station building is a small, old, one-story facility. Two parks are located nearby. 

The nearest railway station Odesa-Holovna is in 40 minutes from the Odesa-Skhidna station.