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Railway Station Kharkiv Pasazhyrskyi

Address: 1 Pryvokzalna Square, Kharkiv 61052;

Information desk phone numbers: +38 (057) 724-37-17, +38 (057) 724-37-17;
On-duty person at the Kharkiv railway station: +38 (057) 724-20-76;

Train Schedule for Kharkiv Pasazhyrskyi;



The main passenger railway transportation node of the Ukrainian Southern Railways is located in the city of Kharkiv – Pivdennyi railway station (officially called Kharkiv-Pasazhyrskyi) is a central station of the largest transport system in the eastern part of the country. In addition, it is the headquarters for the Kharkiv State Customs Service for passenger trains crossing the border between Ukraine and Russia.

The building of the Kharkiv-Pasazhyrskyi railway station is rightly considered an architectural monument of the city and occupies the 9th out of 12 positions in the ranking of Kharkiv symbols. Its history dates back to 1869. The well-known Russian architect Andrey Ton had a hand in the creation of this building. The war years served as a catalyst for the introduction of multiple corrections and innovations to the reconstruction project of the Kharkiv railway station in 1952. The building embodied the Stalin’s Empire style with the elements of classicism. Today, the building’s total area is 32,600 m2; the area of tunnels and platforms is 33,100 m2.

Pivdennyi railway station complex includes the main building, 24/7 ticket offices of the Kharkiv railway station, station hotel, spacious luggage storage, shopping and entertainment center "Zaliznychnyk", elaborate network of tunnels and platforms, capacious parking lot, and station forecourt. 

Waiting rooms are located on the second floor of the Kharkiv station building and operate on a paid basis. Waiting rooms are equipped with everything a passenger needs when waiting for a train – comfortable furniture, computer equipment, plasma screens with entertainment content, climate control equipment, and a cozy railway station café. Kharkiv railway station also provides separate, specially equipped waiting rooms for people with disabilities and participants of the Great Patriotic War.

On the ground floor of the Kharkiv Pivdennyi railway station, opposite the railway ticket offices, there is a specialized service center that provides passengers with high-quality complex services since 1999. Its creation implies expanding the list of services for an additional cost. On the territory of the service center, there is an operations hall that allows visitors to purchase tickets for long-distance and short-distance trains within the CIS countries, book a hotel room, call a taxi, use the services of a porter, get access to computers, print and laminate documents, etc.

Information desk of the Kharkiv railway station is also located on the ground floor of the main building. Here you can receive all the necessary information regarding the cost of train tickets, schedule of passenger trains, detailed description of the location of key facilities and platforms, customer support at all stages of interaction.

Railway platforms are conveniently located and connected by the system of pedestrian tunnels, divided into southern and northern ones. Only the first platform is not among them, since it is accessed through the central hall of the Kharkiv railway station. Information boards with train schedules are installed above each entrance to pedestrian tunnels, to the right and left of the central entrance to the building. 

The transport infrastructure of the city of Kharkiv is properly developed. The railway station is in the center of the road network with many stops of various public transport lines. Here are laid the tracks of the city tram No. 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 12, 20, whose routes connect al the key points in the city. Trolleybus No. 11, a wide variety of route taxis and intercity buses run along the Malynovskoho Street. Under the station forecourt, there is a Kharkiv subway line that can be accessed through the entrance to the subway station "Pivdennyi Vokzal".


Railway Station Kharkiv-Levada

Address: 6A Molchanovskyi Lane, Kharkiv 61000;

Information desk phone numbers: +38 (057) 729-46-00, +38 (057) 729-46-53;

On-duty person at the railway station Kharkiv-Levada: +38 (057) 729-45-11;



One of the largest elements of the railway transport system of the east of Ukraine and southern railway is the passenger railway station Levada, located in the Osnovyanskyi administrative district of the city of Kharkiv. This object is characterized as a dead-end station and has a clear specification of the railway track branching: tracks 1-3 are meant for arrival, and tracks 4-7 – for departure of trains. Boarding platforms are equipped with a suspended canopy; the low-height sills are made from tile materials.

The building of the railway station Kharkiv-Levada is of the "3rd class" category. In 2001, the station was modernized and equipped with a modern pavilion where, for the first time in the entire country, the turnstiles were installed along with harmoniously fitted railway ticket counters that allowed passengers to purchase boarding documents immediately before boarding a train if they didn’t manage to do it earlier. In total, 12 railway ticket counters are operating on the territory: 3 of them are located in the administrative building and sell tickets for long-distance trains, 1 counter is for tickets purchased through the Internet, and the remaining 8 counters provide services at the suburban pavilion where railway tickets for suburban and long-distance trains can be purchased. The average daily passenger traffic is 15,000. Passengers can accommodate themselves in the spacious, cozy waiting room that comprises convenient seats for resting, a station café, and a high-comfort lounge room.

Since 1996, the passenger railway station Kharkiv-Levada has been specialized in handling suburban railway transport. From here, trains depart to Shebelynka, Ternove, Osnova, Merchyk, Liubotyn, Lyman, Izium, Savyntsi, Zolochiv, Balakliia, Grakovo, Bezliudivka. In addition, a long-distance, high-speed electric train No. 7005/7006 runs along the route Kharkiv-Levada – Izium.

The transport system of the city of Kharkiv allows you to get to the Levada railway station using the metro system (subway station "Prospekt Haharina"), trolleybuses No. 3, 5, 6, city bus No. 46, tram No. 27, which stops on the Goldbergivska street, as well as services of private route taxis and intercity buses provided by the local bus station.


Railway Station Loseve

Address: 275 Moskovskyi Ave., Kharkiv 61106:

Loseve station phone number: +38 (057) 724-59-80; 

Loseve-2 station phone number: +38 (057) 724-58-50;



Kharkiv railway station Loseve started its existence in 1895. The construction was carried out during the development of the Kharkiv-Balashov railways. Global reconstruction was performed in 2002. Today, the railway station complex consists of two passenger stations – Loseve and Loseve-2. It is under direct subordination of the Kharkiv Directorate of the Southern Railways and belongs to the junction of Kupiansk railway direction.

The boarding sector consists of two side platforms through which pass two railway tracks. On the territory of the Loseve railway station, there is an area designated for the holding yard for electric trains in the Kupiansk direction where the old railway complex building and dispatch room with electric interlocking are also erected. The number of boarding platforms and tracks is comprehensively supplemented by one from the Loseve-2 station.

Loseve railway station serves as a departure point in the Grakovo direction for suburban electric trains ER2, ER2R, and ER2T. The nearest transportation to the railway station can be made through the subway stations "Traktornyi Zavod", "Industrialna".


Railway Station Novoselivka

Address: 1A Vahonna St., Kharkiv 61157:

Phone number: +38 (057) 724-24-43;



Since 1980, the Novoselivka railway station is a part of the Kharkiv Pasazhyrskyi station’s territory and serves as a stopping point for a limited number of suburban trains that belong to the Southern Railways. The station’s operation zone provides boarding platforms for the following railway tracks: 1UA, 2UA, 3UA, 4UA, 5UA.

The building of the Novoselivka railway station is located in the Novobavarskyi district of Kharkiv and has a railway ticket counter, a little diner, and a restroom.


Railway Station Osnova

Address: 5 Pryvokzalna St., Kharkiv 61000

Phone number: +38 (057) 729-24-50;



It is one of the most important strategic objects of the Southern Railways in the city of Kharkiv. Osnova railway station is a large sorting point of the railway junction of Kupiansk and Izium directions. Its universal location at the intersection of important railway transport networks allows handling trains in several directions: railway station Kharkiv-Pasazhyrskyi, Kharkiv-Levada, Liubotyn, Izium, Kupiansk-Vuzlovyi, Zolochiv. The entire system comprises 104 railway tracks and 386 railroad switches.

The date of the Osnova station’s establishment is assumed to be 1911. The station was opened at the same time as an eponymous locomotive depot (now – TCH-3 "Osnova") during the construction of the Gotnia-Lyman line, part of the North-Donetsk Railways.

The building of the out-of-class railway station Osnova was erected upon the project of the engineer Yuliy Peshel. The station complex is equipped with a system of underground pedestrian crossings that join passenger platforms together. These platforms have access to important state enterprises of Kharkiv – PivdenTransBud, KharkivGaz, etc. The territory extends 14.5 km lengthwise with a total area of 237 ha. In addition to its main function, it serves as a base for the locomotive depot "Osnova TCH-3 SR", coach depot "VCHD-3 Osnova", track machinery unit "KMS-39", and construction train "SMP-655". Within the range of operation, the track division "PCH-7", electric power supply division "ECH-7", signal and communications division "SHCH-5" provide their services. Out of the total number, tracks No. 1-4 are intended for passenger use. All of these tracks are equipped with platforms and have access to pedestrian bridges for convenient movement of passengers.


Railway Station Nova Bavaria

Address: 2A Stantsiinyi Vizd St., Kharkiv 61019:

Phone number: +38 (057) 729-12-52;



Kharkiv railway station Nova Bavaria is of great importance in the functioning of the eastern transport connection. It is a part of the Liubotyn railway track system, a center of intersection of large railway junctions, Kharkiv and Osnova. The station only provides services to suburban trains that run in the Liubotyn direction from the stations Kharkiv-Pasazhyrskyi, Kharkiv-Levada, Kharkiv-Balashovskyi and Osnova.
The construction of the railway line Kharkiv-Poltava started at the watershed of the Uda River, and the intermediate, 2nd class railway station Nova Bavaria served as the starting point for this process. The station inherited its name from a large brewery located along the 1st passenger platform. The emergence of such an important point of reception and departure of transport and freight trains entailed the creation of a number of strategically important urban manufacturing enterprises, in particular, a rope factory. At first, the use of the Nova Bavaria station was limited to transportation of construction materials, crossties, rails, and rolling stocks. Over time, the complex has adapted to the high demand for passenger transportation. Today, the arrangement of tracks is represented in the form of twelve receiving and departure tracks laid in pairs; the pairs of 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6 tracks are equipped with intermediate platforms. On the territory of the Nova Bavaria railway station, there are the following facilities: the main building, signal box, automobile overpass, pedestrian bridge, water pumping station, and loading yard.

The city of Kharkiv allows getting to the Nova Bavaria station using the public transport services of the following variety: trolleybuses No. 11, 27, buses No. 75, 209, route taxis No. 238, 303, 220, 237.


Railway Station Kharkiv Balashovskyi

Address: 2A Stantsiinyi Vizd St., Kharkiv 61019:

Phone number: +38 (057) 729-12-52;



The railway station Kharkiv-Balashovskyi, a multipurpose point of arrival and departure of both passenger and freight trains of the Southern Railways, is located in the Slobidskyi district of the city of Kharkiv, between the Vereshchakivka-Balashovska platform and the "13th kilometer" stopping point. The share of freight traffic considerably exceeds passenger transportation, as the station is located at the intersection of a large commodity-turnover junction. Due to this, it is categorized as a first-class freight station, while as a passenger handling center it falls under the third-class category.

The Kharkiv-Balashov railway began its existence in 1895, and the Kharkiv-Balashovskyi railway station became the fundamental base of its construction (thus inheriting this name). The first directions for passenger trains at the beginning of the 20th century were Luhansk and Kazan. In 1985, the development of transport infrastructure in the field of freight traffic initiated the introduction of an efficient computer system based on EVM-SM-4 at the station, thus making possible to automate the operation process of container terminals. Kharkiv-Balashovskyi railway station was provided with everything necessary for the implementation of loading and unloading operations of any complexity; in particular, there were built a warehouse sector and a separate platform for transshipping freights from coaches to automobile transport. All of this contributed to the creation of large industrial enterprises – the Malyshev factory and "Turboatom", the latter of which, by the way, had the entire track along the eastern direction allocated for its demands. All in all, more than fifteen tracks were constructed for the needs of the freight traffic fleet.

For the purposes of passenger trains, five tracks with three platforms operate at the Kharkiv-Balashovskyi station. As of today, two tracks are in service for electric trains running in the western direction: Liubotyn, Zolochiv, Ohultsi, and Merchyk. One track is intended for the movement of trains in the eastern direction to the Loseve railway station.

The city infrastructure of Kharkiv allows you to get to the Balashovskyi railway station via tram lines No. 5, 8 and using the services of the "Zavod Imeni Malysheva" subway station.