Railway Stations in Dnipro

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Railway Station Dnipro-Holovnyi

Address: 11 Vokzalna Square, Dnipro 49038

Information desk phone number: +380 (056) 793-53-15;
Order bureau phone number: +380 (056) 793-52-53;
Service center phone number: +380 (056) 793-53-15;
Luggage storage phone number: +380 (056) 793-52-62;

Train Schedule for Dnipro-Holovnyi;




Central railway station Dnipro-Holovnyi is the main railway station in the city of Dnipro. The station building is one of the most beautiful in the city. This is especially noticeable in the evening, when the building is distinctively illuminated by the lights. The Dnipro-Holovnyi station belongs to the Near-Dnipro Railways. More than 70 passenger trains run through the station on a daily basis.

The railway station Dnipro-Holovnyi is located on the right bank of the Dnipro River. If you dig into history, you can trace that the station was opened in 1884 under the name Katerynoslav. Military activities during the World War II led to the destruction of the old station’s building, but in 1951, a new railway station’s building, designed by the architect O. M. Dushkin, was raised in Dnipro.

Today, there is a good traffic interchange, a lot of taxis, route taxis, and trams near the station. "Vokzalna" subway station is located near the railway station.

The railway station Dnipro-Holovnyi can be reached by the following public transport lines: 
Route taxi: 7, 30, 32, 54, 60, 86, 90, 92, 101А, 109, 111, 152, 152А, 155
Tram: 1, 11, 14, 15

If the next leg of your trip is a flight and you need to get from the railway station to the airport of Dnipro, you can either call a taxi or take the bus No. 60 Railway Station – Airport.

Railway Station Dnipro-Lotsmanska (former Dnipro-Pivdennyi station)

Lotsmanska station

Address: 2 Lotsmanska St., Dnipro 49005;

Phone numbers: +380 (056) 793-53-15; +380 (056) 236-37-05;

Train Schedule for Dnipro-Lotsmanska;




The Lotsmanska station was built in 1929. In place of it, the railway station was opened in 1975. Until 2017, it was known as the railway station Dnipro-Pivdennyi. In 2017, the station’s name was changed to Dnipro-Lotsmanska. This is the second most important railway station in the city of Dnipro.

The station has two passenger platforms, and the building itself is of the third class. 

You can purchase a railway ticket and, if needed, leave your belongings in luggage lockers at the Dnipro-Lotsmanska station.