Railway stations in Kiev

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Information about the railway stations in Kiev:



Kyiv Central Railway Station

Address: 1 Vokzalna Square;

Phone numbers: +380 (44) 465-20-80; +380 (44) 465-20-59;

Order and register group passenger transportation +380 (44) 481-11-99;

Order car transporters +380 (44) 465-20-55;

Order special coaches for disabled persons +380 (44) 481-12-74;

Information on luggage transportation +380 (44) 481-12-84, +380 (44) 465-20-53;

Train Schedule of railway station Kiev Pass





Central railway station is rightfully considered the main reception point for passengers of long-distance trains in the capital city. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens and tourists visit Kyiv every day, and there is an extremely small likelihood that the first thing they see won’t be this architectural masterpiece. Therefore, it is especially important that its functionality and visual design be at a high level, which currently fully corresponds to the objectives.

The development of the metropolitan railway system dates back to the distant year of 1870, when the first railway station in Kyiv was designed under the leadership of the architect M. Vyshnevskyi. The first design of the Central railway station represented a two-storied, yellow brick building in the old English gothic style, with the length of 133 meters. The 20-th Century period not only has significantly affected the appearance of Kyiv railway station, but also essentially contributed to the development of its functional capabilities. Such factors as general need for the development of Kyiv railroad transportation node, fires, military activities, and revolutions served as a catalyst for the implementation of the Central railway station’s complete renovation and modification project based on the concept of the Southwestern Railways administration under the leadership of the architect V. Shchuko. The idea was to create two interconnected stations that would serve trains from the western suburban direction via dead-end tracks on one side, while the long-distance railway transport from all four directions and eastern suburban direction would be served parallel to the axis of the Central railway station building. Kyiv was able to implement the project of Shchuko only in 2001, at the initiative of then Minister of Transport, Heorhiy Kirpa.

Within 175 days from the start of the project, a substantive part of the following tasks was accomplished: complete renovation of the Central railway station, Vokzalna square, pedestrian underpasses. The most important achievement was the construction of the Southern railway station connected by the central system of pedestrian galleries above the tracks.

As of today, Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi railway station belongs to the Southwestern Railways and comprises several railway stations, including Suburban, Southern and Central stations.

Kyiv is a relatively large city, but its good transportation system provides plenty of opportunities to reach the station by almost any public transport, so it is important to know about these opportunities. Central railway station is located in the Solomianskyi district of Kyiv and boasts a convenient traffic interchange:

  • Subway is the fastest way to travel around the metropolis.
  • The entrance to the Vokzalna subway station is located in the Suburban railway station building.
  • Starovokzalna street is in the walking distance. Terminal stop of the tram routes No. 1, 3, 15, 18 is located on this street.
  • Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi railway station is also crossed by trolleybus tracks. Routes No. 14, 3 will help to reach the city center.
  • Kyiv central bus station is located nearby. Central railway station’s exit is directed toward it. Therefore, you can easily plan your further travel by bus.

In addition, Vokzalna square has a lot of stops for urban and suburban public transport, route taxis and private transport. You can choose any of the aforementioned options depending on your route and financial capabilities.



Kyiv Southern Railway Station

Address: 1 Polzunova St.;

Phone numbers: +380 (44) 465-21-11; +38 (044) 503-70-05;




Southern railway station is part of the largest metropolitan railway station Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi that has a rather high daily passenger flow. The main task of the Southern station is to reduce the load of Kyiv Central station. These two objects are interconnected by a covered pedestrian crossing – concourse.

The spacious building of the Southern railway station is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of passengers. On the ground floor, there are railway ticket counters and an information board with the train schedule. On the second floor, there are small shops, newsstands and kiosks where cell phone accounts can be refilled. There is a comfortable waiting room, toilets and lounges on the 4th floor of the railway station building.

Near the entrance to the Southern railway station building, there are stops for many popular public transportation routes that will help to get to almost anywhere in the capital. In addition, there is a parking lot along the road, so you can easily take a taxi. Moreover, a direct bus No. 322 goes from the Boryspil Airport to Kyiv Southern station every 30 minutes.

If the capital is not the end point of your route and you have a flight from the Boryspil Airport, you can get to the terminal by a regular bus named Skybus. Skybus runs around the clock with an interval of 15-45 minutes, the travel duration will be 50-70 minutes.



Kyiv Railway Station Karavaievi Dachi

Adress: 48А Vadyma Hetmana St.;

Phone number: +380 (44) 503-70-05;




Another element of the Southwestern Railways in Kyiv is the railway station Karavaievi Dachi. The building was erected relatively recently. It is a rather appealing architectural object that hardly can go unnoticed. Suburban and local trains predominantly run through this railway station.

Inside the building you can purchase railway tickets, visit numerous grocery stores and cafes. "Radio Market" of the Solomianskyi district is located near the railway station. Just outside the exit, there are stops for public transport that can easily get you to the Shuliavska subway station (route taxi No. 239) or the Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi railway station (route taxi No. 401).



Kyiv Railway Station Darnytsia

Address: 3 Pryvokzalna St.;

Phone number: +38 (044) 366-41-11;




Darnytsia railway station was founded in 1899 in the process of building a railway in the direction "Kyiv-Poltava".

The station is partially divided into two sides to handle passengers of both long-distance and suburban trains. The complex includes two passenger platforms that can be accessed through the end-to-end tunnel with six exits. The station is divided into two sections with lobbies where the railway ticket counters and train waiting rooms are located.



Railway Station Kyiv-Dniprovskyi

Address: 15 Vyzvolyteliv Ave.;

Phone number: +380 (44) 516-52-40;

Fax: +380 (44) 516-52-32;




The main purpose for which the railway station Kyiv-Dniprovskyi exists is to serve freight trains of the Southwestern Railways. It only handles several suburban trains per day.



Railway Station Kyiv-Demiivskyi (Moskovskyi)

Address: 39 Saperno-Slobidska St.;

Phone number: +380 (44) 465-25-10;




The construction dates back to 1870. The station is one of the first railway stations built in the Holosiivskyi district of the capital. It belongs to the Southwestern Railways and serves both freight and passenger trains. The railway station is located close to a legendary landmark Chorna Hora and Lybid river.



Railway station Kyiv-Volynskyi (Post-Volynskyi)

Address: 101B Novopolova St.;

Phone number: +380 (44) 406-15-84;




Kyiv-Volynskyi station opened its doors in 1902. It is located not far from the Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany). The station belongs to the Southwestern Railways. Only suburban trains stop here. Long-distance trains pass this station when running from the Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi railway station in the direction of Fastiv and Korosten. The system of industrial railway tracks is also served by this object. These tracks provide transport connection with strategically important state enterprises. Nearby there is a stop of urban public transport – trolleybus No. 27 and buses No. 2, 78, 80.



Railway Station Kyiv-Tovarnyi

Address: 32 Ivana Fedorova St.;

Phone number: +380 (44) 465-22-31;




The station is located in the Shevchenkivskyi district, near the Protasiv Yar area, and is solely intended for serving freight trains. It belongs to the Southwestern junction of Kyiv’s railway. Since the erection of the structure in 1907, a large part of buildings, mainly production warehouses for unloading and storing cargo, has been preserved to the present day.