Railway Stations in Mykolaiv

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Railway Station Mykolaiv Pasazhyrskyi

Address: 5 Novozavodska St., Mykolaiv 54018;

Phone number: +38 (0512) 49-51-07 extension 15-05;
Information desk at the Mykolaiv railway station: +38 (0512) 49-51-07, +38 (0512) 49-51-17 extension 15-05;
On-duty person at the station: +38 (0512) 49-52-85;
Service center: +38 (0512) 49-54-86;
Senior ticket agent: +38 (0512) 49-55-07;
Luggage storage: +38 (0512) 49-53-49; +38 (0512) 49-53-77;

Train Schedule for Mykolaiv Station;




Mykolaiv railway station is the main station of the city, located in its eastern part. The railway station of the city of Mykolaiv belongs to the Odesa Railways. Long-distance and suburban trains run through this station. From Mykolaiv, you can travel not only to different parts of Ukraine, but also to other countries, for example, to Moscow (Russia).

The station was founded in 1908 under the name "Vodopiy". The station was named this way after the names of historically formed Mykolaiv districts – Staryi Vodopiy and Novyi Vodopiy. In 1966, the station’s name was changed to Mykolaiv-Sortuvalnyi. Later, in 1987, the railway station building, which has survived to modern times, was built, and the station itself was renamed to Mykolaiv.

Everyone can use the services of ticket counters at the station – purchase tickets or return them, as well as exchange tickets with deferred printing, which were purchased through the Internet, for travel documents. There is also an information desk where you can receive any information regarding the train schedule.

The station’s luggage storage allows travelers to safely store their luggage. If the luggage is heavy, you can use the services of porters.

The railway station of the city of Mykolaiv has a convenient location. From there you can get anywhere in the city on trolleybuses No. 2, 9 or route taxis No. 8, 21, 50, 51, 54, 88.

Railway Station Mykolaiv Vantazhnyi

Railway Station Mykolaiv Vantazhnyi

Address: 1 Pryvokzalna Square, Mykolaiv

Phone number: +380 (512) 49-22-00;




The station Mykolaiv Vantazhnyi also belongs to the Odesa Railways. It is considered to be the city’s old railway station. From this station, suburban trains run in the Crimean direction.

On August 20, 1873, the first line of the railroad in the direction Znamyanka — Mykolaiv was opened. In honor of this event, a prayer service was even held at the station.

Initially, the station was intended for passenger transportation, as well as for transportation of mineral coal, bread, and ore to the port of Mykolaiv. As far back as in 1894, two passenger trains started arriving and departing from the city of Mykolaiv in the morning and evening time.

The port and the constructed railway station largely determined the industrial development of Mykolaiv in 19th and 20th centuries.

The railroad was severely damaged during the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War. However, the Mykolaiv Vantazhnyi station reached pre-war performance levels in 1947.