Railway Station Khmelnytskyi

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Address: 92 Proskurivska St., Khmelnytskyi 29000

Phone number: + 380 (382) 69-41-01, + 380 (382) 79-51-11;
Service center phone number: + 380 (382) 69-43-30, + 380 (382) 65-83-00;
On-duty person at the station: + 380 (382) 69-42-75;
Luggage office phone number: + 380 (382) 69-43-63;
Luggage storage phone number: + 380 (382) 69-42-35;

Train Schedule for Khmelnytskyi Railway Station;




Khmelnytskyi Railway Station belongs to the Southwestern Railways. It is a major railway transport link that serves not only domestic and suburban trains, but also international trains to Moscow (Russia), Przemyśl (Poland), Budapest (Hungary), and Sofia (Bulgaria).

The station itself was opened in 1870; the first station building was built a little bit later. The city of Khmelnytskyi used to be called Proskuriv, so the railway station promptly received the same name. Between 1954 and 1973, the Proskuriv station was known under the name Khmelnytska. Currently we know this railway station as Khmelnytskyi.

Today, one of the largest Ukrainian merchandise markets is located in Khmelnytskyi, causing a large flow of passengers in this direction. The railway station has 4 platforms and 14 tracks.

On the territory of the Khmelnytskyi railway station, passengers can leave their luggage in lockers and use the services of various lounge rooms if necessary.

Khmelnytskyi station can be reached by public transport:
trolleybus No. 14
route taxis No. 23, 18, 50, 20.