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What if there are no train tickets?

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Demand for railway tickets is still outstripping supply, especially the lack of tickets is palpable on holiday days and on weekends. Faced the situation when you are going on a trip, but on the necessary date there are no empty seats?

If this topic is relevant for you, we want to reveal a few secrets to you:

Periodically repeat the search for the railway tickets for the direction of interest. The fact is that many users begin to issue tickets, add them to the shopping cart, but they do not bring payment to the end. Such tickets are again returned to free sale, and you have every chance to intercept them.

You can check to see if the tickets have appeared after the reservation has been withdrawn. Usually, the reservation is withdrawn 24 hours before the departure of the train, as well as for 9, 6, 3, and 1 hour before departure. The withdrawal of armor is quite often, but this information is owned by many, and tickets are redeemed almost instantly. You can also use this information and monitor the availability of the site on the site during the specified periods.

Expect the delivery of tickets by passengers. Often, plans change, up to 10% of passengers refuse to travel and issue return tickets. And you have the opportunity to take advantage of this and buy a long-awaited ticket.

The frequent practice of Ukrzaliznytsia is to increase the number of wagons in trains, for which there is an increased demand. If there is already no vacant seat in the required direction, and it remains more than 24 hours before departure, it is quite possible that the wagons will be added.

If there are no tickets in your direction, try changing the departure or arrival station. The fact is that the full route is allocated more tickets than the intermediate stations. For example, you are interested in a ticket to Zaporozhye - Kiev, and there are no tickets, you can specify the departure station, either Melitopol or Novoalekseevka, and it is very likely that the system will offer you tickets on the given route.

There is a way out of any situation! But, if you do not have the opportunity to give a sufficient amount of time to look for train tickets, we will soon offer this service on behalf of the Travelbook!