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Ticket for the train under the skin or what changes are the new technologies

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Fantastic films that describe the distant future of mankind - robots, artificial intelligence - this is no surprise. The future has already come: people live with microchips implanted under the skin. On the one hand, chipping is a very practical technology, because the implanted chip can not be lost or forgotten at home, it practically does not feel under the skin. At the same time, you do not carry identification documents with you, you pay for purchases, open a car, an apartment with a chip, and go into the office. To do this, it is enough to hold the hand, into which the chip is implanted, above the reader, and perform the desired operation - the data is successfully transmitted due to NFC technology.

Another advantage of the chips is the lack of electrical power or recharging. The chip works as a module for contactless payment in a bank card.

The implantation of the chip does not require special training of a person. The procedure is performed by a special syringe and takes only a few minutes. If you want, at any time you can remove your chip in the same way.

Currently, European countries are leaders in mobile and chip technologies. A special spread of chipping was in Sweden, where for more than 3 years the Swiss have implanted microchips under their skin in order to simplify their lives. Companies also adopt modern technology and offer their employees to implant chips that help them enter the office without a badge, use office equipment, etc.

In 2017 the technology of chipping in Sweden penetrated into the sphere of rail transportation. Everyone who has a microchip under his skin can pay for the journey in the train by scanning his chip.

It is possible that in the near future for the people of many countries a physically transportable travel ticket, ID passport, bank card will be a thing of the past. Just imagine a new stage in the development of the railway transport: in order to make a landing on the train it will be enough to take a convenient place in the car, hold a hand near the reader, and you can safely enjoy the trip and the views outside the window. The system will automatically charge the cost of the trip according to the class of the car and the fare from your account.

Or you can purchase an electronic train ticket in advance, take your place in the car, and the conductor will use the scanner to read the ID of the ticket purchased from your chip.

We are sure that in the next few years we will learn how deeply the technologies penetrate into our hearts, literally and figuratively :)