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Active rest in Kiev. Where to spend time actively?

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For lovers of active pastime, Travelbook.ua employees collected a small selection of the most popular places for active recreation in Kiev, which will be useful for both residents of the capital and guests of the metropolis.


Extreme entertainment, adored by both children and adults. The bottom line is downhill down a stretched cable at an angle at a height of different levels. The speed and sense of risk of falling into the abyss of the abyss excite the nervous system like nothing else. You can try this type of active recreation in Kiev in Victory Park or at Hydropark, in the area of ​​the Venice Bridge, under the clear guidance of the staff of the Trolland Trolley 

Climbing wall

Climbing and climbing require certain skills and skills. Such an extreme vacation in Kiev is able to provide the sports complex of the National Aviation University “NAU” - the official training ground of the Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing of Ukraine. In the presence of all the necessary equipment and professional instructors.


A very fun kind of outdoor activities in Kiev is a flight in a wind tunnel under the pressure of a powerful vertical air flow. It feels comparable to free flight when parachuting, but much safer. The only aerotube in Ukraine is located on the territory of the Chayka circuit in Kiev.

Sports and entertainment complex of active recreation in Kiev “X-park”

This is where there is a true connoisseur of extreme sports to turn around - “Park of Friendship of Peoples” in Kiev. The good location on the Trukhanov Island between the Dnieper and Desna allows you to enjoy outdoor activities on the water: wakeboarding, water skiing, and boat and jet ski rental. In addition, the park is fully equipped for avid skateboarders, skaters, paintball players - fans of extreme sports of all kinds and preferences.

Dream Island Water Park

Here it is a paradise for lovers of quality water entertainment. Relatively recently, in the Obolon district in Kiev, in the territory of the shopping center Dream Town, the largest indoor recreation water park in the CIS was opened for the whole family. Themed entourage is inspired by the kinovinselnoy “Jurassic Park” and the designers were able to skillfully convey the atmosphere of the prehistoric island. 14 unique rides, 5 different pools, aquabar for 55 seats, 9 types of baths and saunas, SPA, massage salon - will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions.

The Ibis Sport Shooting Club

There is no more effective way to “blow off steam” than to use the services of a whole arsenal of real firearms. The shooting-sports club "IBIS" gives you the opportunity to shake up your goal from all the tools, thereby conducting an active holiday in Kiev in truly "actively."

Kiev complex of active rest “Hyperion”

A great place where you can actively spend time with friends and family. The range of services includes: classic paintball, futuristic laser tag, extreme climbing wall, trampolining for adults and children.

Karting Center “Blockbuster”

Charge your drive and adrenaline with friends or the whole family. Racing on the cards on the 5500-square-meter circuit will give a palette of unforgettable emotions to all fans of outdoor activities.


Want to feel in the center of the soap bubble? With the Zorbing-terminal “Protas” in Kiev - it is possible! A fascinating kind of active recreation, which accurately simulates “Man in a bubble” and allows you to absolutely safely, at full speed, succumbing to madness, roll down the mountain, or cut the waves along the surface of the water.


This kind of entertainment needs no introduction. It is quite simple to organize such an active vacation in Kiev, for example, by contacting professional instructors of the Progress Parachute Club. The airfield is located close enough to the capital and is equipped with all the necessary equipment for experienced and novice skydivers.

Ice rink “Ice Arena”

For those who want to actively spend time with minimal risk of injury and relatively inexpensive cost, the doors of the Bolshevik shopping and entertainment center near the Shulyavskaya metro station are always open. The ability to use skates will be a weighty argument for maximum pleasure, but otherwise the opportunity to hire a trainer on the spot here is available.

Bicycle rental at ENEA

The national complex "Expocenter of Ukraine" in Kiev in recent years has been greatly transformed and transformed from the largest exhibition center for agricultural equipment into a real source of entertainment for active people. In addition to the wonderful walking park, there is everything necessary for unforgettable walks on a bicycle: asphalt paths with bicycle markings, run-in forest trails and slides for extreme sports. At the entrances of the complex there are numerous points of rental bicycles and other recreational vehicles for all ages. It is important to remember that the key to renting bicycles is a personal identification document, so do not forget to bring your passport or driver’s license with you.