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Everyone was in a situation where you need to urgently leave or need train tickets during the "hot season" of holidays, but there are no more empty seats on sale. To help travelers, we have created new functionality "Catch a ticket" for finding and booking train tickets. After registration of the application we will begin to track the appropriate tickets, and as soon as they go on sale, reserve them and be sure to notify you :)

How to use the service “Catch a ticket”?

1. Authorized users can apply for tickets directly from the Personal account. To do this, go to the section "Catch a ticket" and click on the button CATCH A TICKET. 

Each user of the site, searching for tickets and not finding the trains that are suitable on the page, can click on the button CATCH A TICKET of one of the banners on the page:

2. Next, according to the pre-selected route and date, the user selects the train(s) by which we will search :) Or, from the bottom, select ALL, provided that you don’t have a principle train that will take you to your destination.

3. Having decided on the trains, go to the page options for choosing places. On this page, it is necessary to indicate the number of passengers (in one application there can be up to 4 passengers), the type of coach and seat. The monitoring system will track available seats until the date you specify in the "Track until:" field. Also, if you wish, you can limit the search to the maximum cost of one ticket.

4. The final page for filling out the ticket monitoring application is the passenger information page. Here you indicate the Name and Surname of the passenger(s), and you can also choose additional services. In the Contact details section, you indicate your e-mail. As soon as the ticket(s) appears on sale, we will send you a link to purchase them.

Pay attention to the correctness of the entered data, as later it will be impossible to make changes!

5. After confirming the application, a message will be sent to your e-mail with a description of your order for monitoring tickets.

How do I know when tickets are on sale?

As soon as tickets matching the parameters of the “Catch a Ticket” application goes on sale, the system will reserve tickets and send you an e-mail with a link to pay for this order.

IMPORTANT! In order to receive notification of reserved tickets also in Telegram, after confirming the application, you must activate the Telegram chat bot by the specified link.
In order to successfully activate the bot chat from a computer or tablet, you must first log in under your account in the Telegram Web: https://web.telegram.org/

How do tickets appear?

Tickets can be returned to sale again in the event that passengers change plans and are forced to return their travel documents. Another common practice of Ukrzaliznytsia is to increase the number of coaches in high demand trains.

Pay attention!

  • The “Catch a Ticket” service is valid for all tickets available for sale on Travelbook.ua. We remind you that the sale of tickets is carried out on the mainland of Ukraine and on trains in the direction of the CIS countries.
  • The ticket search service is provided to all users of the site for free. Also, you do not need to pay extra for notifications by e-mail and Telegram.
  • Tickets are monitored before the date indicated by the passenger in the application.
  • During the application process, you can limit the maximum ticket price. The search will apply to tickets of the specified price range.
  • Both authorized users and unauthorized users can apply. In case the user is logged in, all relevant applications are saved in the “Catch a ticket” section of the Personal account.
  • At any time, you can cancel the search for a ticket either through the Personal account or via the link in the first e-mail message.
  • After booking your ticket, you will have 1 hour to pay for the ticket! If you do not have time to redeem a ticket, the order will be canceled.

We wish you a pleasant journey and good luck in "catching" tickets :)