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There are 3 types of railway tickets:

1. Paper ticket is a regular ticket of a strictly accountable form or a Travel document of a standard form. You can purchase such ticket at a railway ticket office only.

2. Deferred-printing ticket is a ticket bought online but requiring a prior exchange at a ticket office. As a result of purchasing such a ticket, a passenger will receive an Order Form with a 16-digit code.

Travel document is printed based on an order code, therefore you can visit the Ukrzaliznytsia ticket office either with a printed Order Form or with a written-down code.

We recommend to make an exchange 1 hour before the train departure at a designated railway ticket office. Exchange of an Order Form at the official ticket offices of Ukrzaliznytsia is free of charge!

Attention! Deferred-printing Order Form is not a travel document! You can exchange an Order Form for a travel document only at the Ukrzaliznytsia ticket offices on the mainland of Ukraine!

3. Electronic ticket, unlike an Order Form, is a valid travel document and does not need to be subsequently exchanged at a ticket office. As a result of purchasing an electronic ticket, you will receive a Boarding document.

Boarding document can be shown to a train conductor either in the printed form for reading a QR code or on the screen of your phone, tablet, etc. Boarding document can also be printed at the railway ticket offices on the mainland of Ukraine based on a code that starts with a hash symbol (#) and contains digits and Cyrillic letters.

All types of railway tickets are non-transferable and must be shown to a train conductor together with a passenger's identity document when boarding a train.