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Rules for transportation of animals by train in Ukraine

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If there is a need for the pet transportation, you should select the "Luggage Transportation" option and check the "Animals, birds" box when placing an order of train tickets on the website.

The cost of a transportation document for a carried animal will be automatically added to the cost of a travel document. If you purchased Order Forms, it is required to present the codes of both orders at a railway ticket office. If you purchased electronic tickets, you can print both documents (travel and transportation) on your own. 

Please note! The general rule for the transportation of all animals is the presence of a veterinary certificate.

One passenger can only carry out the transportation of one animal.

The rules for transportation of animals and luggage are regulated by Section 15 of the Rules for transportation of passengers and luggage:

Transportation of dogs by train.

On passenger trains or long-distance express trains, it is only allowed to carry dogs in compartment coaches or coaches with soft seats, on condition that a dog owner buys out all the seats in a compartment regardless of the presence of passengers. Seats must be bought in the name of a passenger who owns a dog. This rule also applies to guide dogs of blind passengers.

  • Transportation of large dogs (taller than 45 cm)

Large dogs are carried in muzzles, on leashes, chains or belt harnesses. One passenger can only carry out the transportation of one dog.

On suburban and local trains, it is only allowed to carry large dogs in outermost (non-operational) vestibules of the first and last coach of a train. The dog must necessarily be under supervision and in constant accompaniment of its owner. In trains with seats (Intercity, Intercity+, diesel/electric trains of increased comfort), the possibility of the transportation of large dogs is determined by the coach design. If seats are divided into compartments, the transportation of dogs is allowed on condition of buying out all the seats in a compartment. If seats are not detached, the transportation of large dogs in such coaches is prohibited.

In berth coaches of night trains, the transportation of small dogs in carriers is allowed. For the transportation of large dogs, it is required to buy out an entire compartment in the last vestibule of a coach.

  • Transportation of small dogs (under 45 cm)

Dogs of small breeds can be placed under seats in coaches. A dog must be placed in a box, carrier or cage. One passenger can carry out the transportation of no more than two dogs.

Transportation of cats by train.

Cats are carried in special boxes, carriers, cages. Electronic luggage receipt must be issued for an animal. One passenger can only carry out the transportation of one cat.

Transportation of decorative birds and other small pets.

Transportation of decorative pet birds (no more than three), small pets (no more than two) is allowed in all types of coaches, regardless of whether a passenger has hand luggage.

Each passenger has the right to carry, free of charge, pet birds in cages (no more than one cage) above the established norm of hand luggage. Animals must necessarily be placed in special boxes, carriers, cages occupying a volume of no more than one item of hand luggage. Cages, boxes, carriers are freely placed in spaces intended for hand luggage. Purchasing travel documents for all seats in a compartment (buying out a separate compartment) for small pets and caged birds in not necessary.

Important note! Transportation of wild animals in hand luggage is prohibited! Putting and accepting animals, birds for storage is prohibited!