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On the Travelbook website, you can not only buy a travel document but also purchase a transportation document for carrying extra luggage (luggage receipt).

You can add a transportation ticket in the process of placing an order – just check the "Luggage transportation" box and choose one of 3 available categories:

  • Animals, birds
  • Equipment
  • Excess*

You can also add a transportation document directly in the Cart by clicking the corresponding button. Next, you need to choose a seat for which to reserve the transportation of luggage and then select the category of goods.

* Hand luggage weighing up to 36 kg is carried free of charge for all categories of passengers if its size in the sum of three dimensions does not exceed 200 cm. According to the Rules for transportation of passengers (Section 15), an additional document must be purchased only if the weight of luggage exceeds 36 kg:
   - for hand luggage weighing 36 to 50 kg, the "Excess" luggage receipt is purchased;
   - for the transportation of hand luggage weighing over 50 kg, an additional seat must be bought.

Once an order is placed, the cost of a transportation document will be added to the cost of a travel document.

If you have purchased an Order Form that must be exchanged at a railway ticket office, a transportation document must also be exchanged based on its 16-digit code.

If you have purchased an electronic ticket on the website, a luggage receipt will also be issued in electronic form. In this case, print an electronic ticket and electronic luggage receipt in order to show them to a train conductor when boarding a train.