Railway tickets onlineHow do I return a train ticket purchased on the website?

How do I return a train ticket purchased on the website?

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If your travel plans have changed, you can return your unused travel document and have its cost partially refunded.

Train ticket purchased on the Travelbook website can be returned in two ways:

  • at a railway ticket office

First, you need to exchange your form (Order Form or Boarding Document) or order code for a ticket of a strictly accountable form. Then a cashier can carry out the return of unused tickets. In this case, the amount to be refund will be determined in accordance with the Paragraph 19.11 of the Rules for transportation of passengers.

The refund will be initiated from our side to a payment instrument with which a ticket was purchased (bank card, electronic money, etc.) within 1 banking day after receiving a corresponding refund register from Ukrzaliznytsia.

  • online on the Travelbook website (the functionality will soon appear on the website)

In your Personal account, you can return a railway ticket (Order Form or Boarding Document) purchased on the Travelbook website. To do this, click the "Return" button next to a ticket you want to return. The system will calculate the cost to be refunded. To confirm the operation, click "Refund".

If you have purchased a ticket without authorization on the website, it is enough to send a return request to the technical support email: ask@travelbook.ua. Technical support staff will process it and contact you shortly.

The money will be refunded to a bank card with which a railway ticket was purchased.

Attention! You can return a ticket (electronic or deferred-printing) online only if it has not been printed on a strictly accountable form at a railway ticket office. The amount to be refunded is automatically calculated by the system and determined by the Paragraph 19.11 of the Rules of Ukrzaliznytsia based on the time left before the train departure.