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How to purchase a train ticket on the website?

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5 simple steps to purchase a railway ticket on the Travelbook website:

1. Choose the direction and date of your trip

Choose the route and departure date.

2. Choose the train number, coach, and seat

Click the "Search for trains" button. The system will offer all available trains that match initially specified search criteria.

This page will contain information on each train offered – departure and arrival time, total travel time of a train, preliminary cost and a number of seats available in each category of coaches (berth, compartment, de luxe, etc.).

If an offered list of trains doesn't satisfy your request, you can view information for the nearest dates using the calendar at the top of the screen or refine the parameters of the specified trip in the pop-up window.

Having decided with a suitable train and coach class, click on the latter. Choose a coach and seat that you like.

We remind you that you can purchase no more than 8 travel documents in one order.

3. Specify passenger information

For each seat it is necessary to specify the ticket type (full, student, child), first name and last name of a passenger, and additional services if needed.

  • If the current set of tickets is final, you can pay quickly by clicking the "Go to Payment" button. In the pop-up window, enter email address on which you want to receive your travel documents and agree with the offer. There's a little left to do;)
  • If you want to continue choosing tickets, add your order "To cart".

The seats added to Cart are reserved for 15 minutes. For this period, the seats become unavailable for purchase by other users, this time should be enough to finish placing an order. If you haven't proceeded to payment after running out of time, the seats become available for purchase again. However, we give you a possibility to re-reserve right in the Cart. If one of your selected tickets becomes inactive, you will be able to try to reserve again by clicking the "Repeat" button.

At this stage, we recommend you to once again check all the order information – departure date, train, seat, first name and last name of a passenger, ticket type, presence of additional services.

Here you can also see the type of ticket (electronic Boarding document or Order Form with subsequent exchange) you are purchasing, as well as its final cost.

Please note that the cost of train tickets in the Cart can be recalculated taking into account the selected services and provided discounts.

To complete the purchase, click the "Pay" button. In the pop-up window, enter your email address and confirm the agreement with the public offer contract.

4. Pay for the ticket

The purchase will be completed after you have entered the payment card details and confirmed a payment. After successful payment, your travel/transportation documents will be shown on the screen, the copy will be sent to the previously specified email address and available in the user personal account.

5. Get an electronic ticket and board the train!

After purchasing an electronic ticket on the Travelbook website, you don't need to exchange it for a paper ticket of a strictly accountable form at a ticket office. Go straight to boarding a train. Show your identity document and electronic ticket form to a train conductor who will read out a QR code using a special device and carry out a boarding.