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How is the railway ticket price calculated?

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The cost of a railway ticket consists of several components:

    1. Ticket cost – includes expenses required for the operation of a train, its maintenance, electric power, provision of railway infrastructure.
    2. Reserved seat cost – the cost of travel itself in a coach of a particular class.
    3. Insurance charge – a charge for mandatory passenger insurance against accidents established in accordance with applicable law.
    4. Railway fees – a part of total ticket cost charged for the services of issuance, printing, reissuance, return of a travel document.
    5. VAT – a value-added tax. It is also included in the ticket price.
    6. Travelbook fee – a fee charged by the service for purchasing of a travel/transportation document, including the payment system fee for carrying out a payment.

If you have purchased a ticket online on our website but cannot make a trip, you can return a ticket with a partial refund of its cost. In such a case, the following components of the ticket cost will be withheld: railway and Travelbook fees, as well as a part of the ticket cost that depends on the return date.