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Trains from Moscow to Kyiv.

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In the directions Moscow – Kyiv and Kyiv – Moscow, the website only offers tickets for the trains formed in Ukraine.

You can get from Moscow to Kyiv or another city on the territory of Ukraine by the following trains:

  • No. 005 Ya "Ukraina" Moskva Kyivska – Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi
  • No. 023 Sh "Odesa" Moskva Kyivska  – Odesa-Holovna

In addition, the following trains run from Kyiv to Moscow:

  • No. 006 O "Ukraina" Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi – Moskva Kyivska
  • No. 024 Sh "Odesa" Odesa-Holovna – Moskva Kyivska

Please note that for these trains, you can only purchase Order Forms that are subject to subsequent exchange at a railway ticket office on the mainland of Ukraine. Therefore, if you want to buy a ticket on train from Moscow to Kyiv while outside Ukraine, we recommend you to visit a local railway ticket office.