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The electronic railway ticket is a digital travel document officially giving the right to use the services of Ukrzaliznytsia railway transport. Its legal force is no different from the train tickets purchased through the cashier at the station, and surpasses, in terms of convenience, an order form with a deferred seal, purchased through Internet services.

The main purpose of launching the sale of electronic train tickets in Ukraine is to simplify the purchase process as much as possible, variations of the right of way when boarding a train and, as a result, to significantly save the passenger time before departure.

It is worth noting that if a user needs to submit a fiscal document to accounting staff to compensate transportation costs on a business trip, an electronic train ticket meets these requirements.

What does an e-ticket of railway transport look like?

In fact, the purchased electronic train ticket is a digital entry in the Ukrzaliznytsya database, which captures the identification information entered by the client and the contents of the order. This action conditionally initiates the drafting of a contract between the passenger and the carrier for the provision of the first right to travel, and the latter is obliged to provide transportation services.

The conclusion of the contract is confirmed in the form of an electronic railway ticket, which the passenger receives at the end of the ordering process and looks like this:

What does an electronic train ticket look like? - Travelbook.ua

Passenger Details (First Name, Last Name). Please note that an e-ticket for a train is a personal travel document and when buying you should indicate information without errors, since it will be checked with an identity card;

  1. E-ticket number;
  2. E-ticket code;
  3. Train number, car number, seat number;
  4. QR code of electronic ticket - asymmetric digital signature confirming the authenticity of the document;

According to how an e-ticket looks like a train, you can easily distinguish it from a pending print order form - the first one always contains a QR code.

How to use an electronic ticket when boarding a train?

All that is required of a passenger is to present a travel document with a QR code in printed or digital form and an identification document to the conductor of the passenger train. Accompanying personnel of Ukrzaliznytsia is equipped with a special reading device, which in a few seconds will confirm or deny the right to travel.

Can I show my e-ticket from my phone? Electronic train ticket from the phone - Travelbook.ua

It does not matter from what source the QR code will be provided. It can be like a printed form, or any electronic mobile device: phone, tablet, laptop. The main thing is that the object correctly displays the data and does not contain blocking scanning of external elements.

What to do if the QR code of an e-ticket is not recognized?

It happens that the technology of reading a QR-code may work with an error. In this case, the conductor must use the e-ticket number (indicated in clause 2 in the “How an e-ticket looks like”) by manually entering its contents into the reader.

Do I need to print an electronic train ticket?

The most basic feature and undoubted advantage over other types of train tickets is the fact that you do not need to print an electronic train ticket before boarding. It is enough to provide access to the QR code to the conductor from any electronic source of information available at hand.

How to print an electronic train ticket?

Upon completion of the online ordering process, an e-ticket form will be displayed on the user's screen as a PDF file:

How to print an electronic train ticket? - Travelbook.ua

  1. Download the file and copy the contents to any available electronic storage medium. Connect the device to the equipment with access to the printer and ask the owner to print an electronic ticket;
  2. If you have a printer, click the “Print” button;

If there is such a need for how to print an electronic ticket from a phone, then the algorithm of actions is similar. Download the file and connect the mobile device to the printer directly.

Please note that for security and convenience, a copy of the PDF file with the e-railway ticket form is also sent to the email address specified during registration and you can print the document directly from your mail service account.

Where can I print an electronic train ticket?

Having direct access to the file through electronic media, it’s enough to find any copy center nearby where they provide the service of printing documents for a modest fee. Or ask colleagues or familiar owners of the printer to help in this matter.

At the station, you can print an electronic railway ticket by code (Item 3 in the image “How does an electronic ticket look like”) through the railway ticket office.

We remind you that there is no such necessity how to print an electronic train ticket! Having the opportunity in any form to provide access to the QR-code - you can safely go to land.

Can I return an electronic train ticket?

Ukrzaliznytsia provides an opportunity to return electronic railway tickets in cases where they were not used and were not printed on a strict reporting form.

Depending on the difference in the timing of the submission of the request for delivery before the departure of the train - the amount of the refund is calculated in different ways. You can return an e-ticket for a train in Ukraine with maximum compensation only if you apply no later than 24 hours before boarding, or if the flight did not take place for reasons from the carrier.

How to pass an electronic train ticket?

The procedure for returning digital landing documents is performed:

  • Through the railway ticket office by code (Item 3 in the image “What an e-ticket looks like”), or in printed form. In the near future, the request is processed and initiated by contacting the service through which the ticket was purchased. The latter, in turn, returns the amount of compensation to the means of payment through which the payment was made (Bank card, electronic wallet) within 1 business day.
  • In online mode through the functionality of a personal account, or by direct contact with the online support service Travelbook.ua online service.

How to buy an electronic train ticket?

The procedure for ordering and processing a digital travel document is no different from a standard purchase of a railway ticket online. Specify the point of departure and arrival, select the date of travel and go to the list of available trains.

How to buy an electronic train ticket? - Travelbook.ua

Trains where you can buy an electronic train ticket are marked with a special symbol in the form of a QR code. At the moment, sales are open for 90% of long-distance passenger trains in Ukraine, for Intercity and Intercity trains +.