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What is an electronic railway ticket?

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Electronic railway ticket is a valid travel document that gives a passenger the right to travel by rail.

You can buy an electronic train ticket on the Travelbook website, you don't need to exchange it for a paper ticket of a strictly accountable form at a ticket office. Go straight to boarding a train. Show your identity document and electronic ticket form to a train conductor who will read out a QR code using a special device and carry out a boarding.

Electronic train ticket can be presented in both a printed and electronic form. Train conductor can simply read out a QR code from the screen of your phone (tablet or laptop). If a train conductor cannot read out a QR code for some reason, he/she can manually enter a ticket number into his/her device.

It is worth noting that an electronic railway ticket is a payment (fiscal) document and is accepted by an accounting department to compensate for travel by train on a business trip. In addition, electronic tickets are almost impossible to lose since you can print them on your own an unlimited number of times.

Please note that as of now, you can buy both an electronic ticket and a deferred-printing ticket for the same train. Trains for which electronic tickets can be purchased are marked with a QR code symbol. However, you can make sure a ticket is indeed electronic only after adding a ticket to the Cart.
We remind you that when boarding a train it is mandatory to show an identity document together with a ticket.