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What should I do if there are no train tickets?

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Tickets may appear on the Travelbook website as the demand for them is growing. For some intermediate stations, tickets become available for purchase 24 hours before the train departure.

If you are going on a trip, but there are no seats available for the required date, you can take note of the following recommendations:

1. Periodically repeat the search for railway tickets in the direction you want to travel. Tickets, which were added to other users' carts but weren't paid for within 15 minutes, become available for purchase again.

2. Please note that tickets that were reserved but not bought on time also become available for purchase.

3. You can check whether any tickets are available after cancellation of their reservation. Reservation usually gets cancelled 24 hours before the train departure, as well as 9, 6, 3, and 1 hour before the departure. Reservation gets cancelled quite often but this information is known to many, therefore tickets are bought almost immediately. You can also use this information and monitor the availability of unoccupied seats on the website in the specified time periods.

4. Wait for passengers to return their tickets. If plans change and a passenger returns his/her ticket, you have the opportunity to buy it. The likelihood is not great but it still exists.

5. A frequent practice for Ukrzaliznytsia is to increase the number of coaches in trains for which there is an increased demand, as well as in long-distance trains. If there are no available seats left in the required direction but there are still more than 24 hours before departure, it is entirely possible that the coaches will be added.

6. If tickets in your direction are not on sale, try changing the departure or arrival station. The matter is that more tickets are allocated for a full route than for intermediate stations. For example, if you are interested in a ticket in the direction Zaporizhia – Kyiv but there are no such tickets, you can specify Melitopol or Novooleksiivka as the departure station. It is very likely that the system will offer you available tickets in the specified direction.

7. You can use our new service "Catch a ticket". We will find suitable options for you, reserve your ticket and inform you by e-mail and Telegram!