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As of now, the website only allows purchase train ticket to the CIS countries. We are currently working to ensure that Ukrzaliznytsia provides the possibility to also buy tickets to Poland and other European countries.

The following trains run in the Minsk (Belarus) direction:

  • No. 283 Sh Kherson – Baranovychi-Poliski
  • No. 086 K Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi – Minsk-Pasazhyrskyi
  • No. 094 Sh Odesa-Holovna – Minsk-Pasazhyrskyi

The following trains run in the Saint Petersburg (the Russian Federation) direction:

  • No. 054 Kyiv – Sankt-Peterburh Viteb
  • No. 148 Odesa – Sankt-Peterburh Viteb
  • No. 012 Dnipropetrovsk – Sankt-Peterburh Viteb

Trains to Moscow are listed in the corresponding section.

If you need a ticket in another international direction, we recommend you to visit a railway ticket office on the mainland of Ukraine.