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Travelbook.ua is a service for those who value their time and comfort

The use of modern payment solutions makes traveling more comfortable, greatly simplifying the purchase of tickets. Online payment of train travel fares successfully overcomes the problem of queues at the ticket offices, thus saving a valuable resource – time.

Travelbook has been created so that everybody can easily find and purchase the best price train tickets for themselves and their loved ones in a few clicks. There’s nothing easier than to buy train tickets on the Travelbook website.

What benefits do you get when you buy rail tickets online?

  • Simple interaction! Simplicity and intuitive interface were among the top priorities in the resource design process. Our goal was to simplify working with the system so that even users with minimal computer skills can perform train ticket booking on their own. With the specified parameters of the route, you can immediately see the fastest train, compare train ticket prices and buy cheap train tickets according to your travel plans.
  • Easy booking! You can buy a railway ticket on the Travelbook.ua website whenever you like, from anywhere in the world. The service allows you to track the availability of railway tickets in real time, find out the train ticket prices and pay for your order in just a couple of clicks.
  • Saving time! We will help you save time spent on getting to the railway ticket office and nullify the waiting time in long lines. Getting cozy with your friends in a relaxed atmosphere of your home, you can choose the most convenient seats in a coach and easily purchase train tickets. When buying an electronic railway ticket, you also save time since there’s no need to exchange it for a paper travel document at the railway ticket office. In this case you go straight to boarding the train. You must show your identity document and electronic ticket with QR code on the smartphone or tablet screen to a train conductor.
  • Saving money! Why spend money on getting to the railway ticket office? Travelbook has a minimal commission fee since we are a direct agent of Ukrzaliznytsia. Therefore, you will get the best railway ticket price. The service also allows booking very cheap train tickets for children and students at discounts up to 50%, as well as booking round trip tickets for Intercity+ trains at 10% discount.
  • Guaranteed lossless refund! One of the principles of our service is its focus on customers. That’s why we offer a unique feature to every customer: within an hour from the moment of purchase you can refund the full cost of a railway ticket without any deductions!
  • Secure payment! Acceptance of payments on the website is provided by Plategka.com. In addition to the already familiar card payment, you can also pay in 1 click with Masterpass wallet.
  • Customer support 24/7. Another advantage of Travelbook is a 24/7 support service.. Even at night and on holidays, our professional staff can answer all questions regarding the availability of railway tickets, train timetable and prices. You can count on us!

Become our agent and make money with Travelbook

Travelbook ticket booking system will be useful not only for users who plan their own train travel. We are open for cooperation and offer ready-made free solutions for selling railway tickets online. Travelbook has a flexible system of partner programs for websites, travel firms, agencies, railway ticket offices and corporate clients.

You have a right to choose which type of interaction is the most suitable for your business:

  • Travelbook Module – an integrated form for quick search and purchase of railway tickets for your website. With minimal effort, you can enhance the functionality of your service with another popular feature – sale of train tickets through the Internet.
  • Travelbook API – we unveil our own API! If you have your own development team, you can implement the boldest ideas and exclusive functionality for your own train ticket booking service.
  • Cashier’s AWP – we are ready to offer travel agencies, ticket offices and corporate clients a personal access to the virtual ticket office.

These days, train travel remains the most popular mode of transportation, and a railway ticket price is relatively lower than for the existing alternatives of fast transportation. Electronic sales channels already account for up to 50% of all issued train tickets, and the service that allows users to purchase rail tickets through the Internet becomes more popular every year. Therefore, with any form of cooperation, you have every chance to start a successful business in the popular field of selling railway tickets, and the Travelbook team is ready to help you with that!